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Facing Drug Charges? Information Online Won't Help, But We Can.

If you were charged with a drug crime or your child was, your first instinct is probably to go online and start researching. What are the penalties for drug possession? Is drug trafficking a state or federal crime? Were my rights violated? Your search for answers is likely what brought you to this website.

The best advice you will find online is this: contact an attorney immediately. Call ours at 212-691-0175 for a consultation.

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, P.C., our attorneys can help you navigate even the most complex drug case. We have strong litigators, decades of experience and a former judge on our team. We are also very willing to accommodate you when your need for a criminal defense lawyer arises, not when it best suits our schedules.

You Can't Use Sentencing Guidelines To Predict The Outcome Of Your Case

Schedules of offenses and sentencing guidelines available online are good for helping inform you of the potential consequences of a particular criminal charge, but impossible to use to predict the outcome of your individual case.

Every drug case is different. Both conviction and sentencing for drug crimes depend on a countless number of factors such as:

  • Where you were arrested: For example, first-time offenders arrested in New Jersey are automatically admitted into a diversionary program. First-time offenders arrested in New York do not have this option.
  • Your criminal record: Was this your first arrest? Do you have prior convictions on your record? Were the convictions for other drug offenses, violent offenses or minor offenses?
  • How police obtained evidence: Did police search your person, car or home? Did they have a search warrant? Did they question you without informing you of your rights?
  • The nature of the evidence: Was the substance involved marijuana, cocaine or prescription drugs? How much of one type or how many drugs were involved? Is video or audio surveillance available?
  • Your personal circumstances: How old are you? Do you have a good support system? Does your family depend on your income? Are you active in the community? Is your child a good student?

All Drug Cases Are Serious. Contact Our Lawyers For A Consultation.

Although every situation is different, every situation is serious. The criminal and collateral consequences can impact many aspects of your life now and in the future. Don't take any chances.

Call our attorneys immediately at 212-691-0175 for your consultation. You can also send us your information, and we will contact you. We accept cases in both New York and New Jersey.