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The Driver Responsibility Assessment Program Isn't A One-Time Fine

"Don't pay the fine. Talk to a lawyer," holds true in any traffic situation to help you avoid the fine and the increased premiums that follow a conviction for a traffic violation. The warning holds serious weight in New York with the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program, a law that went into effect on November 18, 2004. You could end up paying fines for years, not just once to settle your traffic ticket.

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'What Is The New York Driver Assessment Program?' And Other FAQs

When you are convicted of a traffic violation, you must pay a fine to the court. Under the NY Driver Assessment Program, a motorist must pay the DMV each year for three years if:

  1. You incur six or more points on your driving record for violations occurring on or after November 18, 2004
  2. You are convicted of an alcohol- or drug-related traffic infraction and the violation occurred on or after November 18, 2004
  3. You refused to take a chemical test on or after November 18, 2004

Even when you know about the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program, the situation can still take you by surprise. Here are a few other frequently asked questions about the law:

  • How will I be notified if I must pay the driver responsibility program tax? The DMV will send you a statement after the points, conviction or refusal is entered on your driving record. The DMV will examine your driving record every three months to determine if a new driver responsibility assessment is necessary. If there are no new incidents, DMV will send annual bills.
  • Can I reduce the amount of the driver responsibility assessment by taking a point reduction class? No. The point reduction class can take up to four points off of your license. This may benefit you on your insurance premiums and if your license is subject to suspension for too many points.
  • What will happen if I fail to pay the driver responsibility assessment? Your driver's license, permit or privileges will be suspended until it is paid.

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