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Driving On A Suspended/Revoked License Is Serious

Being arrested while driving with a suspended or revoked driver's license can create a great amount of difficulty in either New York or New Jersey. Our firm has defended traffic charges since 1986, and we find that many drivers are unaware that they were even driving with a suspended or revoked license for many valid reasons .

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, P.C., our attorneys understand the risk that is presented by a charge for driving on a suspended/revoked license. No one wants to face a potential felony charge or possible prison sentence over driving-related issues.

If you have been charged in either state, we encourage you to call us at 212-691-0175 or email us for a consultation as soon as possible. Waiting could affect your case.

Founding attorney, Martin A. Kron, is a former New York City traffic court judge, trained by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our firm utilizes that experience to help us create strategies that are tailored to communicate clearly and persuasively with judges.

What Are The Consequences For Driving While Suspended/Revoked?

Like any other traffic violation, the laws vary from one jurisdiction to another. Below are the basic guidelines for offenses:

In New York: Driving while suspended is a criminal offense called aggravated unlicensed operation (AUO). The degree of the offense depends on any prior traffic convictions or license suspensions.

Offense Class Fines Jail Time
Third-degree AUOMisdemeanorUp to $500 fine plus surchargesUp to 30 days in jail
Second-degree AUOMisdemeanorMinimum $500 fine plus surchargesUp to 180 days in jail
First-degree AUOFelonyUp to $5,000 fine plus surchargesState prison

In New Jersey: Driving while suspended is a municipal court matter. A court may enhance the penalties for each offense based upon certain circumstances, such as an accident or intoxication. With each offense, the driver is required to pay a $250 surcharge for three years.

Offense Fines License/Registration Suspension Jail Time
First offenseFine of $500 plus surchargesUp to six months additional suspensionNo jail time
Second offenseFine of $750 plus surchargesUp to six months additional suspensionNo more than 5 days in jail
Third offenseFine of $1,000 plus surchargesUp to six months additional suspension10-day jail sentence

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If you need help or have concerns regarding any offense related to driving while your license was suspended or revoked, contact Martin A. Kron & Associates, P.C., by calling 212-691-0175 or completing an online form. We offer initial consultations, and we charge reasonable fees for our services.