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NASCAR driver caught going 128 mph loses license for 45 days

When it comes to the sport of NASCAR, drivers reaching extreme speeds is not only permissible but encouraged. However, the same certainly cannot be said for life outside of the track, as this type of driving can result in a large speeding ticket, a fine and even license suspension.

In fact, one of NASCARS's best drivers recently found this out the hard way, as a North Carolina judge suspended his license for 45 days for driving a bright yellow, customized sports car 128 miles-per-hour down a road located near a daycare center and church.

According to reports from law enforcement officials, Kyle Busch - consistently one of the top point leaders in NASCAR - and his wife were pulled over by law enforcement officials in Iredell County, North Carolina, back on May 24.

Three squad cars heading in the opposite direction of Busch on a two-lane road with a posted speed limit of 45 mph clocked him driving at the following speeds: 128 mph by the first squad car, 79 mph by the second squad car and 59 mph by the third squad car.

Busch informed the law enforcement official who pulled him over that the hand-made yellow Lexus LFA he was driving was "just a toy." (He apologized for this comment and his actions at a press conference held two days later.)

Two weeks ago, Busch pleaded guilty to speeding and no contest to reckless and careless driving. He was subsequently sentenced by the judge to a license suspension of 45 days, a $1,000 fine, one year of unsupervised probation and 30 hours of community service.

"This is closure. That certainly was what we were looking for in this case," said Busch in an interview outside the courtroom. "We've had a lot of people stand behind me and we've gone through this as diligent as we could, as respectful as we could, and that's why I am here today in person to do it myself and to accept responsibility for my actions."

Interestingly, a driver's license is not required to participate in a NASCAR race. Consequently, Busch is free to keep driving - so long as it's on the racetrack.

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My husband and I are very disappointed in the way Nascar handled this Kyle Busch speeding ticket. Nascar should have penalized him by deducting points and race suspension as this offense was much worse than his brother's drunk driving and Dale Jr's cuss word on national TV whom both were penalized and had points taken away. Kyle is being babied and just got his hand slapped. My husband has been a truck driver for 40 years and knows the fatalities are caused by people speeding their cars on the streets. I've discussed this with some of my friends and have mutual feelings concerning this and have considered boycotting the races here in Modesto. Anyone else would lose their license for 1 year at least and receive jail time, probably both.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone else would have been arrested and had their licence revoked for at least 1 year. Obviously money talks. At that kind of speed, no one would have survived if an accident had occurred. He risked his wife's life as well as others for no apparent reason. No lesson taught here.

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