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Study ranks top 20 cities for DUI citations

If asked to name the largest U.S. cities with the highest percentage of DUI arrests/citations, most people would likely pick places like New Orleans, or Miami for the simple reason that they are warm weather locations with an active nightlife. As it turns out, this approach would be somewhat off the mark.

A recently released study by the website ranked the top 20 U.S. cities with the highest percentage of DUI citations from November 1, 2010 to October 31, 2011. The top ten (along with their 2010 rankings) are as follows:

  1. San Diego (1)
  2. Los Angeles (7)
  3. Indianapolis (6)
  4. Jacksonville (10)
  5. San Francisco (8)
  6. Charlotte (3)
  7. San Jose (2)
  8. Fort Worth (14)
  9. Columbus (5)
  10. Phoenix (4)

It is worth noting that New York City came in at number 14 on the list, up one spot from the previous year.

Interestingly, the study's authors indicate that a high percentage of DUI citations does not automatically translate into a finding that a city's residents have an above average fondness for alcohol.

Rather, it may be something as simple as the state is more "car-centric," meaning there is a relative absence of public transportation options (i.e., subway, buses, cabs, etc.). Similarly, it could also mean that law enforcement officials in that city are "very attuned to the danger of driving under the influence."

One trend that is readily discernible from the list, however, is the rather large number of California cities -- three out the top five.

Here, the authors point out that California is not only car-centric and aggressive in cracking down on drunk driving, but also home to a variety of different kinds of drivers, including business people, military personnel, tourists and young drivers.

All of these combined factors, they reason, translate into a higher DUI rate.

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A DWI/DUI arrest can have a serious impact on your life in a number of ways and result in various penalties. In fact, many of these penalties are much more serious than the mere license suspension or revocation.

When faced with this scenario, consider contacting an attorney who understands New York's confusing legal system, and who can help you evaluate your options and make the right decisions.

This post was provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.


Fox Business, "Top 20 cities for drunken driving offenders" Dec. 19, 2011

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