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What are the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the tri-state area?

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign -- a non-profit organization "dedicated to reducing car dependency in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut" -- released an eye-opening report earlier this week concerning road design, vehicle traffic law and pedestrian safety.

Specifically, the group analyzed 2009-2011 traffic data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System and ranked the ten most dangerous roads for pedestrians here in the tri-state area. They include the following:

  1. SR-24 (Nassau County; 14 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  2. Broadway (Manhattan; 12 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  3. SR-25 (Suffolk County; 11 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  4. SR-27 (Nassau County; 9 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  5. SR-110 (Suffolk County; 9 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  6. US-322 (Atlantic County; 9 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  7. US-130 (Burlington County; 9 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  8. Route 1 (Middlesex County; 9 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  9. SR-27 (Suffolk County; 8 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  10. US-30 (Camden County; 8 fatalities from 2009-2011)
  11. Route 9 (Middlesex County; 8 fatalities from 2009-2011)

One of the more fascinating elements of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign's report was that it did more than just identify the most perilous paths for pedestrians, but also identified what kind of roads typically have the most dangerous designs for pedestrians.

Here, so-called arterial roads were identified as presenting the greatest hazards to pedestrians, meaning those roads consisting of at least two traffic lanes traveling in each direction and which have speed limits of 40 miles-per-hour or higher. The problem, according to report's authors is that these roads were built solely for motorists.

"Arterials were traditionally designed to move vehicles from one destination to the next without regard for other road users like pedestrians and bicyclists," said Renata Silberblatt, the primary author of the report. "We continue to see that designing roads like this results in needless loss of life."

Fortunately, the report indicated that governmental agencies in the tri-state area have finally acknowledged the issue and are starting to take proactive measures to make hazardous stretches safer for pedestrians.

To illustrate, the report points to efforts by the New York State Department of Transportation to implement pedestrian safety improvements along SR-24 (Hempstead Turnpike), which came in at number one on the list of most dangerous roads.

Here, NYSDOT is planning to adjust traffic signals, relocate six bus stops closer to sidewalks, and introduce five new crosswalks and eight raised medians.

Stay tuned for more our New York vehicle traffic law blog ...

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This post was provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.


Transportation Nation, "Report finds 10 most dangerous roads in NYC area for pedestrians, 'arterial' are worst," Alex Goldmark, Feb. 25, 2013

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