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Driver in Brooklyn accused of violating move over law

New York City lawmakers and officials develop and enact traffic laws to maintain order and safety on the roadways. While some laws are aimed at protecting motorists themselves, others are meant to serve as protection for the pedestrians, cyclists, workers and others who share the roads with drivers.

Recently in Brooklyn, a man was arrested for allegedly violating a New York traffic law. According to reports, the man neglected to move over as he passed a police cruiser that had stopped to help a motorist. Under New York's "Move Over Law", drivers are required to use increased care and move out of the lane immediately next to a lane or shoulder where a law enforcement, emergency or other type of service vehicle is pulled over with lights activated. Typically, consequences for violating this and other traffic laws include fines and points on a driver's license.

In addition to the alleged initial violation, the man was also alleged found to be driving on a suspended license. His DMV record reportedly showed he currently had more than 20 license suspensions. The man granddaughter was also reported to have been with him at the time of his arrest, and according to reports, was observed by law enforcement officers to not have had the necessary safety restraints for a 4-year-old child.

If you have been accused of violating New York traffic law, it may be helpful to consult with an experienced attorney. Legal counsel will be able to offer advice based on the circumstances of your case, as well as help ensure you understand the options available to you. An attorney is also available to answer questions and address any concerns that may arise.

Source: WKBW News 7, “Brooklyn Man Arrested on Thruway for Having 26 License Suspensions”, June 16, 2013

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