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NYC launches campaign to slow speeders near schools

Law enforcement officials are tasked with monitoring traffic and ensuring that laws are properly followed. Speeding tickets are a common consequence for many New York City drivers. Sometimes, a driver is found speeding at excessive rates while other times a citation can be issued when someone is going only a few miles per hour over the posted limit. Many things play into an officer’s decision as to whether or not to issue a speeding ticket in a certain circumstance.

The use of video cameras to catch speeders and record their violations is something many municipalities have instituted around the nation. New York will be placing 20 such cameras near select city schools to ideally deter but also to catch motorists who speed in the school zones. Each camera will be situated within one quarter of a mile of a school and is subject to being moved at any time. Initial violators are likely to receive only warnings but ultimately citations can be issued with fines up to $50 per occurrence.

A group known as the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association does not agree with the decision to use the cameras, preferring instead that the city use the funds to hire more police officers. Their main critique of the cameras is the lack of subjective reasoning that they provide. A live officer, for example, can tell the difference between someone fleeing a crime scene, a potential drunk driver or a driver speeding for other reasons. The cameras do not allow for such discernment.

Traffic violations can be costly to drivers when fines, insurance rates and any DMV fees are factored in. They can eventually lead to a driver’s license suspension. Anyone with multiple traffic infractions may benefit from speaking with an attorney.

Source: NBC New York, “Cameras to Nab Drivers Speeding in NYC School Zones,” Jennifer Peltz, August 26, 2013

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