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November 2013 Archives

Changes called for to help reduce drunk driving accidents

In New York and around the nation, concerns about drunk drivers and accidents related to alcohol continue to be common. Stereotypes abound about the standard profile of a driver charged with driving while intoxicated although the reality is that anyone can potentially face such charges. Consequences for those people who are convicted of a DWI can be severe and long-lasting.

DWI charges face actor after stop in New York

New York’s traffic and DWI laws are severe and people who are charged with a DWI, DUI or DWAI can face harsh penalties depending upon the circumstances of their arrest. Drunk driving penalties in New York can include everything from fines to jail time. Suspension of driving privileges, the installation of ignition interlock devices and insurance surcharges are also common consequences.

Speeding continues to be hot topic in NYC with proposed bill

Speeding has been a topic getting a lot of attention in New York City lately. The installation of slow zones in multiple neighborhoods as well as traffic cameras by several schools is showing the city government’s commitment to attacking speeding and increasing safety on the streets.

A decade of traffic changes in New York City reduces fatalities

Drivers in New York City face some of the nation’s busiest roadways. This can lead to a greater percentage of accidents, traffic violations or other concerns based solely on the number and range of vehicles that share the streets in this city. As with other cities, New York police officers are always on alert for problems and people who receive tickets or other citations. Such instances may result in fines, points on a driver’s record, license suspensions or more.

Residents concerned about lack of speeding tickets issued

New York residents are aware of the laws governing traffic. From speeding to appropriate lane changes and more, the city’s traffic laws are intended to keep motorists and others on the roads safe at all times. New York police officers can cite drivers found to be breaking any of the these laws and the consequences can include fines, points on driver’s records or more depending on the severity of the violation or specific circumstances.

New York toughens DWI consequences

Drunk driving is a serious issue not only in New York but around the nation. The penalties for being convicted of driving while intoxicated have increased over several decades in most states. New Yorkers who have faced such convictions know that the state consequences can include revocation of driving privileges, high fines and potentially even jail time.

Reckless motorcycle group cited for numerous violations

New York traffic laws are put into place to help keep the public safe while on the road. Law enforcement officials can issue citations or even arrest people in the event that the laws are not properly obeyed. Traffic violations can range from minor offenses, such as a single speeding ticket to more serious charges such as driving under the influence of alcohol or vehicular manslaughter. Penalties also range based upon the nature of the violation or charge.

Commercial drivers in New York face new cell phone restrictions

New York traffic laws have been evolving and can sometimes include different statutes or requirements for different types of drivers' licenses. Violations of New York traffic law can result in a variety of consequences including fines, points added to a Department of Motor Vehicle records, license suspensions and more.

Cuomo ups consequences for drunk driving on conditional license

When someone is convicted of a drunk driving offense, a judge may order the driver to participate in a DMV-sponsored rehab program in exchange for a conditional license. This conditional license sets limitations on the individual's driving privileges. For instance, allowing only travel to and from work.

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