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February 2014 Archives

Minor arrested on multiple alcohol-related charges

New York drivers should be aware of the traffic laws not only in the state of New York but in neighboring states in which they may also drive. Some laws may be similar while others may not. Bordering states for New Yorkers include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. Whether pertaining to speeding, u-turns or drunk driving, drivers can help themselves by being educated about the topics.

New York's traffic ticket surcharges broken down

The cost of a traffic ticket in New York can vary depending upon the reason for the ticket and the circumstances. In addition to paying the ticket cost, drivers may face insurance surcharges as well. Under New York traffic law, a state surcharge is applied to each ticket issued, further raising the cost of a single traffic violation for drivers.

City issues 900 speeding tickets from cameras in two weeks

New York area residents are in the throes of winter now. Dealing with weather and road conditions adds a lot to drivers’ responsibilities. This is all in addition to the city’s crackdown on speeding and other traffic violations. The news media has been reporting on the multiple programs regularly for several months now so that drivers in the area should be getting familiar with the situation.

Driver has charges for refusing field sobriety test dropped

New York City residents face a continued strengthening of effort on the part of law enforcement to crack down on speeding and other traffic violations. Reducing actions that are frequently related to auto accidents is a top priority of the mayor and city officials. This includes drunk driving and related offenses. But it is also important in the wake of an arrest for drivers to remember that they have the right to fight the arrest and secure a good defense.

Cell phone ticket drop while texting tickets increase

As the New Year is now well underway, various states are collecting and reviewing statistics from the prior year. New York is no different and when it comes to traffic violations, the state is highly interested to see the trends from year to year about different types of offenses. Often such information is utilized by law enforcement to develop programs to curb certain activities. One example may be the slow zones that are now seen in different parts of New York, one effort designed to reduce speeding in the city.

Three DUI charges result from initial arrest in New Jersey

Many complications can arise when a driver is charged with driving while intoxicated. Whether in New Jersey or New York, the laws for drunk driving are strict and clear with severe penalties if a conviction is received. The need for a proper defense is important for anyone facing this prospect and it is important for all drivers to remember that they are owed this by law as well.

New York DUI laws may get tougher

Drivers in New York are subject to some of the nation’s strictest laws on drinking and driving. The consequences for driving while intoxicated and any related charge can be severe and long lasting as well as very costly to anyone who is convicted. While there is a legitimate need to keep all residents and citizens safe, there is also a need to ensure proper treatment and rights of all parties involved.

Three years in prison for bus driver convicted with DUI

The laws in New York and New Jersey concerning driving while intoxicated are among some of the strictest in the nation. This is the case for any driver and anyone who drives a commercial vehicle can expect the same as well. A drunk driving conviction can lead to serious penalties including high fines, jail time, the loss of driving privileges, points on a driving record and more.

Reduction in traffic deaths a top priority in New York City

New York City residents and visitors must face some of the nation’s busiest and most congested streets. With extreme density in the city, the chance for accidents to occur can be high. Traffic violations are taken seriously by law enforcement and New York traffic law can have harsh penalties depending upon the nature of a given situation. Fines are high, points on a driver’s license can raise insurance rates and license suspensions can make life challenging for many drivers.

Rapper receives felony traffic charge

In the world of traffic violations, the range of offenses and related penalties can be great. Depending upon the nature of a circumstance, a driver in New York could face fines, points added to a driving record, a suspended driver's license and potentially even jail time. The laws and rules of the department of motor vehicles are intended to keep the public safe and allow law enforcement to issue citations in many situations.

New York City embarks upon Vision Zero plan

As the New Year gets off to a full start, people in and around New York City continue to be aware of the need for safety on NYC streets for both motorists and pedestrians alike. In 2013, many new initiatives were instituted to increase the focus on reducing accidents or strengthening penalties for people who violate traffic laws by speeding or other actions.

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