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Multiple New York officers arrested for drunk driving

With New York law enforcement seeming to crack down harder and harder on people who speed or break other traffic laws, it can be all too easy to assume that all people who are arrested or ticketed are irresponsible. The truth is that many honest people can be in situations that lead to potential charges for a wide range of things. For example, some people can have elevated blood alcohol levels after even just one drink that would open them up to a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Recently, three members of New York’s law enforcement team themselves have been on the receiving end of DWI charges. A news article published reported on the 30-year old police officer and 30- and 34-year old sergeants’ arrests. The older sergeant was charged with driving while intoxicated after being stopped at approximately 5:00 a.m. on a Friday morning in Brooklyn. The article did not indicate why the man was originally stopped.

The younger sergeant had been stopped in the early morning hours the day before. His citation included a charge of reckless driving in addition to DWI. A crash led to the drunk driving charge for the police officer about 30 minutes before the 34-year old sergeant was stopped. This officer also refused to take a breath test. No details about the men’s blood alcohol contents were given. It is also not known from the story whether or not any of the defendants are in jail or out on bail at this time.

Remembering that anyone can be subject to DWI, DUI or other drunk driving charges is important. Every person deserves a defense and an opportunity to fight such charges. If you are facing potential penalties from a DWI arrest, working with an attorney may be able to offer some help.

Source: New York Post, “Three off-duty NYD cops busted for DWI in span of 27 hours,” Antonio Antenucci, April 18, 2014

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