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June 2014 Archives

Singer avoids conviction in DUI case

People who have received traffic tickets can sometimes feel that they have no chance of defending against any charges. This can be the case whether the incident involved speeding, running a red light, driving while intoxicated or something else. However, a proper defense is the right of anyone accused of these actions and there are times that charges can be dropped or convictions avoided.

Pedestrian death precedes three-week traffic crackdown

Residents and visitors who drive on the streets in New York are under strong surveillance since the city's mayor announced a plan to eliminated pedestrian deaths in the coming few years. Law enforcement officers are vigilant in their search for people who break the area's traffic laws. Many speeding tickets or other citations have been issued this year and more are likely to follow as the effort only continues to grow.

Several New York officers charged with DUI and other crimes recently

New York residents lately have seen an increase in efforts to stamp out pedestrian deaths. This includes the creation of designated slow zones where speed limits have been lowered, the installation of red light cameras near certain schools, specific speed detection crackdowns and more. Drivers who are suspected of driving while intoxicated are also often the subject of additional efforts by law enforcement.

Driver arrested for driving with suspended license

Drivers in and around New York City are under constant watch by law enforcement. With the mayor’s Vision Zero plan and several programs instituted in an effort to reduce accidents and traffic fatalities, every incident is closely monitored. Safety is important indeed yet it is also important to remember that many things can make it possible for anyone to be found driving with an alcohol level over the legal limit or to have a suspended driver’s license. Many very responsible people end up in these situations and should not always be looked upon as irresponsible.

Traffic penalties to increase under new law

New York City’s Mayor has embarked on an ambitious journey to eliminate pedestrian deaths over the next several years. While this is positive in many regards, it may result in greater concerns for motorists who face traffic violations in the city. Already, drivers can be forced to pay high fines, insurance surcharges and deal with points being added to their driving records. If penalties increase, these things could become even harsher. Laws in Sweden have been some of the motivation for the mayor’s actions.

Drunk driving charge lodged against homicide detective

Driving under the influence of alcohol is something that New York law enforcement takes very seriously. The penalties that a driver who is eventually convicted of a DUI or related offense can be extreme and last many years. These penalties can increase if any repeated convictions occur within a specific timeframe. With the negative publicity surrounding drunk driving, it can be too easy to create a stereotype about the type of people who are charged with drunk driving.

Speeders targeted in all New York burroughs

New York City residents and visitors are all targets of the Mayor’s plan to eliminate pedestrian deaths in New York. There are many ways that the city’s law enforcement aims to achieve this goal including the development of designated slow zones with lowered speed limits and speed bumps or through the use of red light cameras as some intersections. Speeding is one of the primary violations that will be watched for in this effort to improve safety on the streets.

Increased fines and jail time sought for suspended license offenses

New York traffic law can be complex and change with the introduction of new legislation or amendments to existing laws. In addition, special programs like the Vision Zero effort launched by New York City’s mayor can bring increased oversight by law enforcement to specific violations. Whether speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving or operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license, drivers can face a multitude of penalties.

Man hits barrier at police station

Drivers can be stopped for many reasons by officers in New York. Once stopped, they may be subject to field sobriety tests or other methods that are used to determine their sobriety. If these tests are not passed, officers can arrest a driver for drunk driving. This charge can be in addition to any other traffic violation for which they may be cited. Common reasons for stops include speeding, failure to yield the right of way or the failure to obey a traffic control signal.

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