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Break from school may not be break from lower speed

Statewide, New York has placed multiple traffic cameras in areas designated as slow zones. Many of these are near schools. The cameras are allowed to issue speeding tickets to drivers who exceed the school speed limit by at least 10 miles per hour. The effort is designed to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities, improving safety for all residents.

Many New Yorkers understood that school speed limits were to be in effect only when schools are in session. During school breaks, for example, standard speed limits would apply. Apparently that concept is in question in Nassau County this summer as some people have been receiving tickets from the speed zone cameras even during the summer break holiday. Reports indicate that the drivers were in fact exceeding school zone speed limits but not the regular speed limits.

One woman received a total of 11 tickets in a one-week period. At a cost of $80 per ticket, she now faces $880 in fines. Another man was noted to have been sent four speeding tickets in the mail for driving 36 miles per hour in what would be a 40-mile per hour zone during non-school times. The speed limit during school sessions is 25 miles per hour. It is not known if the drivers who have been issued these tickets will receive points on their drivers’ licenses or not.

People who receive speeding tickets are not always reckless or irresponsible drivers. There can be many circumstances that make the need to fight a speeding ticket important and viable. Working with an experienced traffic law attorney can help drivers to learn their rights in this area.

Source: CBS New York, “Nassau Residents Complain About School-Zone Speeding Tickets In Summer,” August 19, 2014

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