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October 2014 Archives

Myths and truths of traffic tickets in New York

Traffic laws in New York can be very complicated and hard for some residents to understand. In addition, there can very easily be many myths than people believe to be true but that are actually not so. With the ever watchful eye of law enforcement only seeming to grow in these days of Vision Zero, it is important for all New Yorkers to have a solid understanding of some basics of traffic law and the processes related to how to fight a traffic ticket.

What are New York’s penalties for speeding violations?

Most people in New York are aware of the increased oversight on speeding throughout the greater New York City area in the past year or so. With the mayor’s Vision Zero plan securely in place, this is not likely to change any time soon. At Martin A. Kron and Associates, we have worked with many drivers facing serious penalties for speeding tickets or other violations, and we help people understand the potential consequences for such convictions.

Rollback on speed limit in New York to come

Vision Zero has become a commonly referred to campaign in New York. Residents of the city should be well aware of the municipal government’s stated effort to not only reduce but to eliminate pedestrian deaths. Cracking down on speeding and finding new ways to slow drivers are integral elements to this overall effort. 

Detective convicted in DUI case

Many people in New York may have stereotypes in their minds about alleged drunk drivers. These stereotypes may not always be very positive. However, the reality is that even those in respected positions can be found intoxicated and be charged with drunk driving.

Speed camera generates both controversy and dollars

As part of the mayor’s Vision Zero plan, New York residents and visitors have seen an increase in the crackdown on speeding this past year. This effort is unlikely to ease up anytime soon as the goal of the program is to completely eradicate pedestrian deaths in the city’s five boroughs by the year 2020 and speeding has been identified as one critical component to those deaths.

What are slow zones?

In the past year, most New Yorkers have likely heard or seen many news stories related to the city’s efforts to reduce speeding and related motor vehicle accidents. One of the strategies utilized is the creation of what are referred to as neighborhood slow zones, or just slow zones. These are designated locations throughout the city in which specific actions are taken to create the desired reduction in speed and increase in safety.

Drunk driving charges levied against two officers

The consequences that drivers face when convicted of impaired driving charges in the state of New York can span many years. Loss of driving privileges, jail time and high fines can impact defendants’ abilities to work as well as other aspects of their lives. Despite the many stereotypes that may abound regarding people charged with driving while intoxicated or related charges, no citizen is immune from such problems and even those well-regarded in the community can be arrested for drunk driving.

How ignition interlock devices work

A New York driver who is arrested for a drug- or alcohol-related driving offense can be subject to multiple forms of criminal penalties if convicted. The required use of an ignition interlock device is one such consequence. Understanding how these devices work can be important when facing such a consequence.

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