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Tickets: Many factors play a role in getting a ticket

There are multiple types of traffic violations people can commit. Many result in tickets, which may not seem serious but do have an impact on your life in several ways. Some of the most common reasons for getting tickets include speeding or running a red light or stop sign.

Speeding is one of the most common reasons for getting a ticket in America. People may go well over the speed limit and feel they're driving safely but still get pulled over. Why?

Speeding is one of the most dangerous things you can do. If someone has to stop quickly in front of you, it takes longer for you to stop. Additionally, it's harder to recognize hazards and to avoid them if you approach them. Those who speed are at a higher likelihood of getting into a serious crash.

Distracted driving is another reason for tickets. Most people in America are guilty of driving while distracted at one time or another. For instance, even if you're stopped at a red light, you shouldn't look at your phone or be playing with electronics. Taking your mind off the road, hands off the wheel and looking away from what's ahead of you puts you at a higher risk of causing or being involved in a collision.

Of course, sometimes people run stop signs or stop lights. The signs may be difficult to see, or the individual may not be paying attention to the road. Running a stop sign is a serious problem, since you may not see other drivers approaching and could collide with them.

If you commit any of these offenses, they could impact your right to a license or result in fines. Remember, you need to be safe at all times and do have a right to challenge any ticket you receive.

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