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Get the facts about traffic violations in New York

New York traffic law has seen many changes since the institution of Vision Zero in 2014. Speed limits have been lowered and enforcement of certain offenses has increased. The goal of reducing traffic fatalities is a noble one indeed but drivers in New York still have rights and should understand those when facing a speeding ticket or a citation for any other reason.

New Jersey follows New York focus on pedestrian safety

Every resident in New York City by now is familiar with Vision Zero. Enacted roughly a year and a half ago, this program was instituted by the mayor with the focus on making the city safer for pedestrians. Slow zones, red-light cameras and greater enforcement have all been part of this process. Another part of the process has been more tickets and revenue for the city for traffic violations that pertain to pedestrians.

A look at the impact of Vision Zero

Vision Zero is something that all New Yorkers by now should be familiar with. Whether you agree with the program or not, the fact that it is having an impact in many ways cannot be disputed. The mayor asserts that the goal of Vision Zero is to improve safety on New York City streets. That goal, according to a document on the city’s website,, requires a crackdown on motorists for specific actions.

Understanding how speeding violations are determined in New York

No matter if you are visiting the Big Apple or call New York home, it is important to be aware of road and safety regulations across the state. Speeding violations are a major cause of citations and arrests, and many times they are the result of drivers simply not knowing when and how vehicle speeds are monitored. One aspect of constructing an effective defense against speeding charges is understanding the methods used by law enforcement agencies to determine violations. That is why we here at Martin A. Kron and Associates, L.L.P., are committed to educating our clients about speeding regulations and monitoring techniques.

Understanding the consequences of New York traffic violations

From improper lane changes or speeding, to texting and driving or alcohol-impaired driving, there are a number of traffic violations in New York City. If convicted of these types of charges, motorists may face a range of penalties. It may behoove people to understand these consequences, to ensure they are aware of their rights in the event they receive a traffic ticket.

Can you get a New York speeding ticket if you are not speeding?

Most drivers in New York, and elsewhere, are aware that the posted speed limits indicate the maximum speed they are allowed to drive. Furthermore, they are generally cognizant of the fact that exceeding those limits can result in them receiving a speeding ticket. Many motorists, however, do not realize that they can also be ticketed for speeding, even if they are not driving faster than the limit. In order to avoid getting speeding tickets, it behooves people to understand the state’s laws regarding the maximum speed limits.

How does New York City’s speed camera program work?

Like many cities throughout the U.S., New York City is cracking down on speeding in an effort to make the city’s streets safer. One of the methods being employed is the use of speed cameras. Law enforcement and government officials have touted the success of the program since its inception. However, many drivers fear that they may be wrongly or unjustly ticketed. In order to help protect themselves from speed camera tickets, it behooves people to have an understanding of how the program works.

Avoid New York traffic violations during winter weather driving

As freezing rain, snow and ice cover New York roads this winter, it is imperative for drivers to practice safe driving. Not only may this preserve their health and well-being, but it can also help to avoid expensive traffic violations. According to the Federal Highway Administration, roughly 23 percent of all motor vehicle accidents every year are weather-related, and an accident can result in a speeding ticket or worse.

Can tickets from other states hurt drivers in New York?

Residents of New York understand all too well the serious consequences that can come from what may originally seem an otherwise minor traffic infraction. Even small violations can result in high fines and even loss of driving privileges depending upon the circumstances. Speeding has taken center stage recently in New York City but other situations are equally of risk to drivers. It is not only within the limits of the city or even the state that drivers must be aware as some citations in other parts of the United States or Canada can affect driving privileges in the state of New York as well.

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