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Drivers under siege in New York City

When New York City’s mayor announced the Vision Zero campaign at the beginning of 2014, residents in and around the city had much to learn. Since then, dramatic changes have been seen all in the name of improving safety for pedestrians. To many motorists, the changes seem to focus equally on cracking down harder and harder on drivers and issuing as many citations for traffic violations as possible.

Understanding the New York driver responsibility assessment

Certain traffic offenses in New York automatically enter a motorist into the state’s responsibility assessment program. The fee associated with the program is tacked on to any fines or penalties that are already owed as part of the violation. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we know that these fees can be costly and cause even more financial hardship for those accused of a traffic offense. Understanding the implications of certain tickets may encourage drivers to fight the charges. 

Understanding New York's Driver Responsibility Assessment

Law enforcement officers in Manhattan, and throughout the state of New York, regularly issue tickets to motorists for violating the state’s traffic laws. According to a New York State Traffic Safety Data report, there were more than three million tickets issued to drivers for vehicle traffic law violations throughout the state in 2013 alone. Often, people who are ticketed are of the belief that receiving a ticket is a minor offense. However, this is not always the case. In addition to fines, possible jail time, driver’s license suspensions and other penalties, some New York drivers may also have to pay the driver responsibility assessment.

When traffic violations become criminal charges in New York

When someone from law enforcement pulls you over, you might receive a traffic ticket and escape with a fine and a few points on your license. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we know that many people do not realize that in certain situations, the penalties may be much more harsh. There are times when a traffic offense in New York can become a criminal charge, forcing you to appear in court and face severe consequences.

State and city officials work on new traffic laws

New Yorkers live among some of the nation’s most congested and busiest streets. Whether as drivers, passengers or pedestrians, there are risks associated with being on the streets of New York City every day. For drivers, one of those risks is being accused of breaking New York’s traffic law in some way. The associated fines or other penalties after receiving a speeding ticket or other citation can be costly and challenging.

Speed cameras subject of debate in New York

New York drivers must be on alert for dangerous behaviors every time they take to the streets. Staying safe on congested roads is not always an easy task. Local traffic law is stipulated to help keep drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians safe but they are also means by which local municipalities generate income from the fines that are imposed.

New York cracks down on jaywalkers in effort to reduce fatalities

New York City drivers and pedestrians navigate some of the busiest and most congested streets in the country on a daily basis. Cab drivers, bus drivers, commercial trucks, cars, bicyclists and a slew of pedestrians must share the roads as safely as possible. New York traffic law is firmly in place to guide behaviors and keep people safe.

Reduction in traffic deaths a top priority in New York City

New York City residents and visitors must face some of the nation’s busiest and most congested streets. With extreme density in the city, the chance for accidents to occur can be high. Traffic violations are taken seriously by law enforcement and New York traffic law can have harsh penalties depending upon the nature of a given situation. Fines are high, points on a driver’s license can raise insurance rates and license suspensions can make life challenging for many drivers.

Study shows that states with more traffic laws have fewer deaths

Drivers in New York are aware of the state’s strong stance against drinking and driving. New York traffic law has also been increasing the effort to reduce vehicular accidents and fatalities with a range of efforts on the part of law enforcement and municipal officials ranging from CITE vehicles to designated slow zones in New York City. Any person who receives a traffic ticket or DUI arrest is eligible for an appropriate defense but should be aware of the consequences.

CITE vehicles once again allowed in New York

Drivers in New York know the sights and sounds of a police car when pulling someone over. New York traffic law requires that a driver stops when appropriately signaled by officers. The failure to do so could result in additional charges being levied. Police officers can stop drivers for any number of reasons including speeding, reckless driving, non-functional vehicle lights, expired auto tags and more. Fines, points and other penalties are typically determined by the circumstances of each individual situation.

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