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Drivers under siege in New York City

When New York City’s mayor announced the Vision Zero campaign at the beginning of 2014, residents in and around the city had much to learn. Since then, dramatic changes have been seen all in the name of improving safety for pedestrians. To many motorists, the changes seem to focus equally on cracking down harder and harder on drivers and issuing as many citations for traffic violations as possible.

When traffic violations become criminal charges in New York

When someone from law enforcement pulls you over, you might receive a traffic ticket and escape with a fine and a few points on your license. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we know that many people do not realize that in certain situations, the penalties may be much more harsh. There are times when a traffic offense in New York can become a criminal charge, forcing you to appear in court and face severe consequences.

Police hit 13-year old in response to dispatch call

For several months now, New York City residents have heard about various efforts by the local government aimed at cracking down on speeding in the city. People who are caught speeding on area streets can face high fines, the addition of points on their driving records or even the potential for drivers’ license suspensions. In some cases, jail sentences may even be ordered.

Speeding Manhattan driver refused license and passport

By now, every New York resident has likely heard of the mayor’s Vision Zero plan. This, along with other programs such as the slow zones, is part of a larger effort to improve safety on New York City streets for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Part of achieving this goal includes the issuing of many speeding tickets or other traffic citations. Drivers who face fines for speeding may also be subject to license suspension and other consequences.

New York City embarks upon Vision Zero plan

As the New Year gets off to a full start, people in and around New York City continue to be aware of the need for safety on NYC streets for both motorists and pedestrians alike. In 2013, many new initiatives were instituted to increase the focus on reducing accidents or strengthening penalties for people who violate traffic laws by speeding or other actions.

Study shows that states with more traffic laws have fewer deaths

Drivers in New York are aware of the state’s strong stance against drinking and driving. New York traffic law has also been increasing the effort to reduce vehicular accidents and fatalities with a range of efforts on the part of law enforcement and municipal officials ranging from CITE vehicles to designated slow zones in New York City. Any person who receives a traffic ticket or DUI arrest is eligible for an appropriate defense but should be aware of the consequences.

Residents concerned about lack of speeding tickets issued

New York residents are aware of the laws governing traffic. From speeding to appropriate lane changes and more, the city’s traffic laws are intended to keep motorists and others on the roads safe at all times. New York police officers can cite drivers found to be breaking any of the these laws and the consequences can include fines, points on driver’s records or more depending on the severity of the violation or specific circumstances.

Distracted driving takes center stage in New York

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a natural thing that people do every day in our society, sometimes with little thought as to the privileges inherent or the laws governing it. Today’s New York traffic law, however, are clear and sometimes strict in an effort to ensure public safety and minimize motor vehicle accidents and other problems.

YouTube video leads to reckless driving arrest

New York drivers can receive citations for a multitude of reasons. The vehicle laws for New York City are designed to keep everyone including motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians safe and speeding tickets or other citations are one way that law enforcement officers try to ensure that is able to happen. Often, a traffic ticket can simply be paid and the whole situation is over. Points can be assessed on a driving record and can eventually expire or be removed.

New York law proposes felony if suspended driver causes death

Lawmakers in New York and other states have difficult tasks. They must balance individual rights with preserving public safety. Sometimes, as is often the case with traffic laws, laws must be adjusted. Any number of reasons could lead to a law being reformed, such as no longer being applicable or in order to create stricter punishments for breaking laws. When fines or points on a driver's license do not encourage motorists to obey traffic laws, lawmakers develop and enact more severe consequences in order to ensure the roads remain safe.

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