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Do I have to speak to law enforcement at a DUI checkpoint?

Knowing your rights when entering a DUI checkpoint is a valuable tool. Though such checkpoints are actually banned or not used in 12 states, the Governors Highway Safety Association points out that they are in legal use under New York traffic law.

Understanding the New York driver responsibility assessment

Certain traffic offenses in New York automatically enter a motorist into the state’s responsibility assessment program. The fee associated with the program is tacked on to any fines or penalties that are already owed as part of the violation. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we know that these fees can be costly and cause even more financial hardship for those accused of a traffic offense. Understanding the implications of certain tickets may encourage drivers to fight the charges. 

What does Vision Zero mean for speeding drivers in New York City?

In 2014, the mayor of New York City rolled out his Vision Zero plan. The purpose of the plan is to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths and improve the overall safety on the city’s streets. An important aspect of Vision Zero was the reduction of the speed limit to 25 mph for the majority of New York City’s streets. While many people have heard of Vision Zero, and likely the speed limit reductions, few understand the implications for motorists. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we have consulted with a number of people who have received speeding tickets since the implementation of Vision Zero. In this post, we will discuss how the plan is being enforced, and the penalties for receiving a speeding ticket in the city.

What are the penalties for speeding in New York?

There are any number of reasons why people in New York, and elsewhere, may drive in excess of the speed limit. While it may seem minor, speeding on New York roads can result in serious legal issues for motorists, regardless of the reasoning. There are a number of penalties that may be levied on drivers of non-commercial vehicles who are caught exceeding the speed limit, many of which far outweigh a simple slap on the wrist. 

Understanding New York's Driver Responsibility Assessment

Law enforcement officers in Manhattan, and throughout the state of New York, regularly issue tickets to motorists for violating the state’s traffic laws. According to a New York State Traffic Safety Data report, there were more than three million tickets issued to drivers for vehicle traffic law violations throughout the state in 2013 alone. Often, people who are ticketed are of the belief that receiving a ticket is a minor offense. However, this is not always the case. In addition to fines, possible jail time, driver’s license suspensions and other penalties, some New York drivers may also have to pay the driver responsibility assessment.

When traffic violations become criminal charges in New York

When someone from law enforcement pulls you over, you might receive a traffic ticket and escape with a fine and a few points on your license. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we know that many people do not realize that in certain situations, the penalties may be much more harsh. There are times when a traffic offense in New York can become a criminal charge, forcing you to appear in court and face severe consequences.

New city speed limit receives mixed reviews

The effort throughout New York City to crackdown on people who speed is nothing new, having been launched earlier this year with the Mayor’s Vision Zero plan. Reports have indicated that some areas have seen an increase in the number of speeding tickets and other citations issued in 2014 compared to prior years. Some people may even find themselves facing additional points on their licenses or drivers’ license suspensions.

Grand jury to hear speeding case

People in New York can receive driving violations for many reasons. These may include speeding, driving with suspended or revoked drivers’ licenses, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, failing to obey traffic signals or signs and more. The penalties for each type of violation vary based upon a variety of factors. While many drivers must end up paying fines and having points added to their driving records, such actions need not necessarily result in all situations.

Police hit 13-year old in response to dispatch call

For several months now, New York City residents have heard about various efforts by the local government aimed at cracking down on speeding in the city. People who are caught speeding on area streets can face high fines, the addition of points on their driving records or even the potential for drivers’ license suspensions. In some cases, jail sentences may even be ordered.

Pedestrian death precedes three-week traffic crackdown

Residents and visitors who drive on the streets in New York are under strong surveillance since the city's mayor announced a plan to eliminated pedestrian deaths in the coming few years. Law enforcement officers are vigilant in their search for people who break the area's traffic laws. Many speeding tickets or other citations have been issued this year and more are likely to follow as the effort only continues to grow.

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