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Two injured and one killed in suspected DUI accident

A driver that faces charges for drunk driving can be at risk for serious and long-lasting consequences. New York laws governing DUI, DWI or DWAI violations are strict and clear. The penalties for convictions can vary based upon a variety of circumstances. These can include any prior convictions that may be on record for the driver, whether or not any accident resulted from the action and whether or not a driver agreed to or refused to participate in any testing.

Woman arrested for felony DUI after head-on collision

All too often, when people hear about drivers who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the inclination is to think that such people are irresponsible or at least not as responsible as those who have not been arrested. However, in reality very little alcohol is needed to be consumed in order for a person to fail a breath test and be accused of drunk driving in New York or in any other state.

Changes called for to help reduce drunk driving accidents

In New York and around the nation, concerns about drunk drivers and accidents related to alcohol continue to be common. Stereotypes abound about the standard profile of a driver charged with driving while intoxicated although the reality is that anyone can potentially face such charges. Consequences for those people who are convicted of a DWI can be severe and long-lasting.

DWI charges face actor after stop in New York

New York’s traffic and DWI laws are severe and people who are charged with a DWI, DUI or DWAI can face harsh penalties depending upon the circumstances of their arrest. Drunk driving penalties in New York can include everything from fines to jail time. Suspension of driving privileges, the installation of ignition interlock devices and insurance surcharges are also common consequences.

New York toughens DWI consequences

Drunk driving is a serious issue not only in New York but around the nation. The penalties for being convicted of driving while intoxicated have increased over several decades in most states. New Yorkers who have faced such convictions know that the state consequences can include revocation of driving privileges, high fines and potentially even jail time.

After refusing testing, Odom enters not guilty plea to DUI

People arrested for driving under the influence sometimes can feel that it is hard to fight such a case and they may not be confident in their ability to receive a fair defense. However, it is the law in New York and our nation that every person should be guaranteed such a right, no matter what crime they are accused of. This includes people accused of driving while intoxicated.

DUI charge the latest for rapper

New York drivers are not able to be pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. However, if a driver is caught speeding, running a red light or clearly violating any other traffic law, he or she can be pulled over. Once stopped by an officer, a driver can be asked to undergo testing for possible DUI or DWI within certain parameters of the law.

Speeding, two DWI counts face celebrity’s mom after arrest

New Yorkers, like their counterparts around the country, face ever-increasing crackdowns on drunk driving. Public opinion about the topic has remained passionate and high for decades and continues to be the case. The consequences for a DWI arrest, let alone a conviction, can be serious and affect a driver for many years depending upon the circumstances.

Sleeping man charged with DWI

Many times, the media calls attention to cases of people arrested with DUI or DWI charges and highlights any accidents, injuries or deaths that may have occurred and be related to the arrest. It can seem as though people arrested for driving while intoxicated are automatically convicted by the public with the high level of scrutiny in our society today.

Distracted and drunk driving concern today’s youth

Younger drivers statistically have a higher chance of being involved in an accident or some other unsafe driving activity. This is reflected in higher premiums for drivers under certain ages. The same logic applies to young male drivers versus their female counterparts and the numbers provide young men with much higher insurance rates as a result. Drivers of all ages have reason to be concerned about safety hazards on the road whether drunk driving, speeding or distracted driving.

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