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Speed camera use expected to increase near schools

Speeding tickets continue to garner great emphasis and attention by New York City’s government. The current mayor is continuing to fulfill the vision of the former mayor by promoting further crackdowns on speeding in the city. The effort is also noticed throughout the state. This leaves more drivers at risk for receiving tickets, sometimes even when they may not be truly deserved.

Understanding the penalties for speeding tickets in New York

At the Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP law firm, we have seen the impact on residents in the greater New York City area of the increased oversight by law enforcement on speeding. Creation of many new slow zones, installation of red-light cameras and more are all integral parts of the mayor’s plan to eradicate pedestrian deaths in the city over the next 16 years. With this in mind, having a good understanding of the penalties associated with speeding tickets in New York is important for all drivers.

Break from school may not be break from lower speed

Statewide, New York has placed multiple traffic cameras in areas designated as slow zones. Many of these are near schools. The cameras are allowed to issue speeding tickets to drivers who exceed the school speed limit by at least 10 miles per hour. The effort is designed to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities, improving safety for all residents.

New city speed limit receives mixed reviews

The effort throughout New York City to crackdown on people who speed is nothing new, having been launched earlier this year with the Mayor’s Vision Zero plan. Reports have indicated that some areas have seen an increase in the number of speeding tickets and other citations issued in 2014 compared to prior years. Some people may even find themselves facing additional points on their licenses or drivers’ license suspensions.

Grand jury to hear speeding case

People in New York can receive driving violations for many reasons. These may include speeding, driving with suspended or revoked drivers’ licenses, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, failing to obey traffic signals or signs and more. The penalties for each type of violation vary based upon a variety of factors. While many drivers must end up paying fines and having points added to their driving records, such actions need not necessarily result in all situations.

Police hit 13-year old in response to dispatch call

For several months now, New York City residents have heard about various efforts by the local government aimed at cracking down on speeding in the city. People who are caught speeding on area streets can face high fines, the addition of points on their driving records or even the potential for drivers’ license suspensions. In some cases, jail sentences may even be ordered.

Pedestrian death precedes three-week traffic crackdown

Residents and visitors who drive on the streets in New York are under strong surveillance since the city's mayor announced a plan to eliminated pedestrian deaths in the coming few years. Law enforcement officers are vigilant in their search for people who break the area's traffic laws. Many speeding tickets or other citations have been issued this year and more are likely to follow as the effort only continues to grow.

Speeders targeted in all New York burroughs

New York City residents and visitors are all targets of the Mayor’s plan to eliminate pedestrian deaths in New York. There are many ways that the city’s law enforcement aims to achieve this goal including the development of designated slow zones with lowered speed limits and speed bumps or through the use of red light cameras as some intersections. Speeding is one of the primary violations that will be watched for in this effort to improve safety on the streets.

Motorcycle driver faces multiple charges including reckless driving

Speeding is one of the most targeted actions by New York law enforcement as of late. The Vision Zero program and other campaigns are clearly out to reduce the speed of drivers on New York roads. Speeding tickets can carry with them hefty fines, points on a driver’s license and even a driver’s license suspension. Certainly safety is a priority for all New Yorkers but so too is the need for a traffic ticket defense when faced with serious charges.

First of 25 arterials to have speed limit reduced is announced

A large percentage of licensed drivers have at one time or another received a traffic citation. Speeding tickets are among the most common type of tickets that drivers in New York receive. Even the safest of drivers can find themselves in a situation where they may receive a ticket for speeding. Depending upon the circumstances, only fines may be assessed but penalty points or even license suspensions can be ordered.

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