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Only 1 of 2 New York drivers involved in fatal crash, charged

Everyone understands that there are traffic laws and there are consequences for breaking those laws. Questions and complexities can occur when, for one reason or another, all motorists are not held to the same standards. In some cases, it could help drivers fight a traffic ticket or possibly even win criminal or traffic court appeals.

Speeding stop leads to significant charges for a New York driver

Traffic laws are created and enforced in order to keep everyone safe on the roads, whether they are driving, walking, cycling or even working. Violating those laws, however, can lead to penalties such as fines or points on your license. These consequences are often meant to serve as a deterrent, to keep drivers from recklessly or carelessly operating their motor vehicles. Still, drivers are only human and sometimes they make mistakes without intending to.

NYPD announces dramatic change to its accident investigation policy

For many years now, one of the most contentious issues between the New York Police Department, and safety advocates, citizens and the City Council has been the adequacy of vehicle traffic laws governing accident investigations.

What are the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the tri-state area?

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign -- a non-profit organization "dedicated to reducing car dependency in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut" -- released an eye-opening report earlier this week concerning road design, vehicle traffic law and pedestrian safety.

New report ranks New York City fourth in the nation for traffic congestion

In vehicle traffic law news, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute recently released its annual report examining traffic congestion levels here in the United States, and ranking the ten cities in which motorists are most likely to find themselves sitting motionless during rush hour.

NFL star receives traffic citation for giving false name

Professional football player Rolando McClain has seen a simple vehicle traffic law violation turn into something far more serious after providing law enforcement with a rather interesting signature.

Less is more: Newer, shorter parking signs to go up in Manhattan

For decades, motorists attempting to find the elusive parking spot in Manhattan have had to contend with the one-two punch of heavy traffic and virtually indecipherable parking signs. City officials, however, are hoping that this confusion over the "when" and "where" of parking in Manhattan will soon disappear entirely.

New York City sued over red-light traffic cameras

Of all the methods used to enforce the vehicle traffic laws here in New York City, the one that probably causes the most resentment among drivers is red-light traffic cameras, which automatically take photos of the license plates of cars running red lights in intersections. Traffic tickets are then automatically issued to the owners of the photographed cars.

Legislators propose free parking for motorcycles in New York City

It's no secret that some of the most despised vehicle traffic laws in New York have to do with where and when people can leave their vehicles. In other words, there is nothing more infuriating for many people than getting a parking ticket.

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