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Man enters not guilty plea for traffic tickets

New York drivers can receive citations for a variety of traffic law infractions at any time. However, it is important for all residents to remember that a traffic ticket defense is possible. A single ticket does not necessarily need to result in a default conviction. This is the case for a variety of ticket reasons such as speeding, failure to obey a traffic signal, reckless driving or more.

Suspended license charge lessened for bishop

Most New York drivers will have or have had at least one traffic citation over the course of their driving years. In some cases, traffic violations are minor annoyances that require the payment of fines and nothing more. In other cases, however, drivers can face high insurance surcharges, points on their driving records, driving license suspensions and even jail sentences.

New law facilitates traffic plea bargains in Buffalo

Traffic tickets can be highly expensive propositions for drivers in New York. Not only do traffic violations result in fines that must be paid but they can also raise insurance premiums for drivers. This happens when points are added to drivers’ records and insurance companies see those points. A successful traffic ticket defense can feel out of reach for some drivers yet it is the only way to prevent these consequences.

Traffic penalties to increase under new law

New York City’s Mayor has embarked on an ambitious journey to eliminate pedestrian deaths over the next several years. While this is positive in many regards, it may result in greater concerns for motorists who face traffic violations in the city. Already, drivers can be forced to pay high fines, insurance surcharges and deal with points being added to their driving records. If penalties increase, these things could become even harsher. Laws in Sweden have been some of the motivation for the mayor’s actions.

Cameras generate revenue and controversy

Law enforcement utilizes many different ways to identify New York drivers that violate traffic laws. Motorcycle officers and officers in other vehicles can be positioned at key locations to watch specifically for traffic violations. Traffic tickets can result in fines and points on a license or even a license suspension depending upon the circumstances.

Police operations yield increase in traffic tickets

Drivers in New York are aware of the multiple potential consequences to traffic violations. Depending upon the circumstances, penalties may include high fines, points added to records, revocations or suspensions of driving privileges and more. Citations can be written for a number of different reasons. Speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, reckless driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving are common reasons that motorists receive traffic tickets.

Distracted driving focus of Operation Hang Up

Drivers in New York City may lately feel under siege with the Vision Zero and related campaigns intended to reduce traffic fatalities. An increased number of slow zones, speed bumps and traffic cameras are routinely reported on as of late. Even jaywalkers are at an increased risk of being ticketed than before. However, it is not just in New York City that drivers must beware of being stopped for traffic violations.

Reduction in vehicular deaths on NYC streets for 2014

Whether visitors or residents, any person who must drive, ride or walk on the streets of New York has to navigate extremely congested roadways and the accompanying dangers. The risk of an accident can be always present and the penalties for anyone involved in an accident can be high as well, especially when traffic violations are involved.

Man ticketed for vaping

New Yorkers know all too well that area law enforcement have increased vigilance against speeding and other actions believed to be hazards to public safety. Traffic violations can result in high fines, increases in insurance costs and even state surcharges. For some people, the ability to fight a traffic ticket is difficult and without the proper help, they may end up with their driver’s license suspended if they do not receive the right help.

New York's traffic ticket surcharges broken down

The cost of a traffic ticket in New York can vary depending upon the reason for the ticket and the circumstances. In addition to paying the ticket cost, drivers may face insurance surcharges as well. Under New York traffic law, a state surcharge is applied to each ticket issued, further raising the cost of a single traffic violation for drivers.

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