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Number of tickets issued from cameras hits five-year low

Most of the time, drivers in New York operate vehicles safely and responsibly. Even when exceeding the speed limit, concern for safety can still exist. Certainly the risk of speeding tickets can work to keep speeds down for some motorists but slowing down may not always been sufficient or even possible and can lead to fines, points and other consequences.

Additional speed cameras sought in New York City

All around the streets of New York City, various slow zones or other anti-speeding efforts have been implemented over the course of several months. Drivers who are found exceeding the speed limit may be liable for speeding tickets and resulting fines, points and even driver’s license suspensions. The consequences of vehicular traffic tickets can be harsh and leave drivers looking for help.

Speeding Manhattan driver refused license and passport

By now, every New York resident has likely heard of the mayor’s Vision Zero plan. This, along with other programs such as the slow zones, is part of a larger effort to improve safety on New York City streets for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Part of achieving this goal includes the issuing of many speeding tickets or other traffic citations. Drivers who face fines for speeding may also be subject to license suspension and other consequences.

City issues 900 speeding tickets from cameras in two weeks

New York area residents are in the throes of winter now. Dealing with weather and road conditions adds a lot to drivers’ responsibilities. This is all in addition to the city’s crackdown on speeding and other traffic violations. The news media has been reporting on the multiple programs regularly for several months now so that drivers in the area should be getting familiar with the situation.

New York City embarks upon Vision Zero plan

As the New Year gets off to a full start, people in and around New York City continue to be aware of the need for safety on NYC streets for both motorists and pedestrians alike. In 2013, many new initiatives were instituted to increase the focus on reducing accidents or strengthening penalties for people who violate traffic laws by speeding or other actions.

Transplant patient gets speeding ticket on way to surgery

It can be all too easy to fall into stereotyping those people who receive traffic violations on New York roads and highways. Depending on the nature of the citation, it can sometimes be assumed that a person found at fault is not responsible in some fashion. However, the reality of the law is that it can be very easy to receive anything from speeding tickets to tickets for a host of other reasons while still being a very responsible citizen.

Speeding continues to be hot topic in NYC with proposed bill

Speeding has been a topic getting a lot of attention in New York City lately. The installation of slow zones in multiple neighborhoods as well as traffic cameras by several schools is showing the city government’s commitment to attacking speeding and increasing safety on the streets.

Residents concerned about lack of speeding tickets issued

New York residents are aware of the laws governing traffic. From speeding to appropriate lane changes and more, the city’s traffic laws are intended to keep motorists and others on the roads safe at all times. New York police officers can cite drivers found to be breaking any of the these laws and the consequences can include fines, points on driver’s records or more depending on the severity of the violation or specific circumstances.

NYC tackles speeding with 284 new speed bumps

New York City is undoubtedly sees some of the busiest roadways in the nation. That means the city also sees its share of accidents, speeding and other driving violations or problems. Depending upon the nature of the offense, drivers may be fined, have points added to their driving records, face license suspensions or more.

YouTube video leads to reckless driving arrest

New York drivers can receive citations for a multitude of reasons. The vehicle laws for New York City are designed to keep everyone including motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians safe and speeding tickets or other citations are one way that law enforcement officers try to ensure that is able to happen. Often, a traffic ticket can simply be paid and the whole situation is over. Points can be assessed on a driving record and can eventually expire or be removed.

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