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NYC launches campaign to slow speeders near schools

Law enforcement officials are tasked with monitoring traffic and ensuring that laws are properly followed. Speeding tickets are a common consequence for many New York City drivers. Sometimes, a driver is found speeding at excessive rates while other times a citation can be issued when someone is going only a few miles per hour over the posted limit. Many things play into an officer’s decision as to whether or not to issue a speeding ticket in a certain circumstance.

New York man leads police on high-speed chase with toddler in car

Roads in New York City, and throughout the majority of the U.S., are regulated by speed limits. When motorists drive in excess of the speed limits, they risk losing control of their vehicle and crashing at worst, and, at best being spotted by police.

Long Island man pleads guilty following fatal high-speed crash

Motorists in New York City and elsewhere are likely aware that the greater the speed a vehicle is traveling at, the greater the likelihood of the driver losing control of the vehicle. When alcohol is involved, this possibility only increases as intoxication often causes impairment and slowed reflexes.

Driver causes fatal accident after losing control of speeding car

In New York City and elsewhere, speed limits are put in place on roads to protect drivers and their passengers. The limits are typically based on the area and the uses of the road in question, as well as what is considered to be safe for handling on the road. When drivers use excessive speed, not only do they risk a ticket from law enforcement, they also risk injuring themselves, their passengers or other motorists. 

NYC lawmakers approve use of cameras to catch speeding motorists

There are traffic and vehicle laws in place in New York City, as well as throughout the rest of the U.S., to keep roads safe. Law enforcement officers are charged with the task of ensuring motorists obey those laws. With so many drivers hitting the roads each day, this can turn into a daunting task because enforcement is subject to police being in the right place at the right time to observe a traffic offense. Some states have started taking advantage of technological advancements in order to assist cops in policing the streets.

Extreme speed a possible factor in Queens accident

Most people are aware that driving in excess of the speed limit can have serious consequences. Those consequences, however, go beyond just possible speeding tickets. When speed is a factor in an accident, the at-fault driver could face more serious charges, and the speed provides more force, which can result in greater damage and more serious injuries.

Man accused of speeding, causing fatal accident in Brooklyn

Exceeding the speed limit can be very dangerous. It is easy to lose control of a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, which can lead to an accident. If a driver is speeding and causes an accident, they could face much more serious consequences, especially if someone is injured or killed.

Speeding ticket is the least of New York man legal problems

Often, a minor traffic infraction can lead to significant other charges. Even the smallest traffic violation, such as speeding, allows law enforcement officers to stop and search you, and your vehicle if there appears to be just cause. This further investigation can turn up other legal issues, like outstanding warrants or a suspended license.

Man faces charges for excessive speed on New York highway

Speed limits and other traffic laws are put into place to maintain order and safety on the nation's roadways. Consequences for breaking those laws have been established to encourage motorists to drive with care. Often, those penalties can become even more severe when there is an extreme or repeated traffic violation allegation.

Speeding charge just the tip of the iceberg for one driver

Speeding does not seem like that big of a deal to many drivers. At one time or another, almost all motorists have driven faster than legally allowed. New York and other individual states are responsible for making and enforcing their own traffic laws. Speeding may seem like a minor offense to some, but many times additional charges and consequences come with a speeding charge.

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