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Reduction in vehicular deaths on NYC streets for 2014

Whether visitors or residents, any person who must drive, ride or walk on the streets of New York has to navigate extremely congested roadways and the accompanying dangers. The risk of an accident can be always present and the penalties for anyone involved in an accident can be high as well, especially when traffic violations are involved.

New York's traffic ticket surcharges broken down

The cost of a traffic ticket in New York can vary depending upon the reason for the ticket and the circumstances. In addition to paying the ticket cost, drivers may face insurance surcharges as well. Under New York traffic law, a state surcharge is applied to each ticket issued, further raising the cost of a single traffic violation for drivers.

Cell phone ticket drop while texting tickets increase

As the New Year is now well underway, various states are collecting and reviewing statistics from the prior year. New York is no different and when it comes to traffic violations, the state is highly interested to see the trends from year to year about different types of offenses. Often such information is utilized by law enforcement to develop programs to curb certain activities. One example may be the slow zones that are now seen in different parts of New York, one effort designed to reduce speeding in the city.

Reckless motorcycle group cited for numerous violations

New York traffic laws are put into place to help keep the public safe while on the road. Law enforcement officials can issue citations or even arrest people in the event that the laws are not properly obeyed. Traffic violations can range from minor offenses, such as a single speeding ticket to more serious charges such as driving under the influence of alcohol or vehicular manslaughter. Penalties also range based upon the nature of the violation or charge.

NYC launches campaign to slow speeders near schools

Law enforcement officials are tasked with monitoring traffic and ensuring that laws are properly followed. Speeding tickets are a common consequence for many New York City drivers. Sometimes, a driver is found speeding at excessive rates while other times a citation can be issued when someone is going only a few miles per hour over the posted limit. Many things play into an officer’s decision as to whether or not to issue a speeding ticket in a certain circumstance.

Long Island man pleads guilty following fatal high-speed crash

Motorists in New York City and elsewhere are likely aware that the greater the speed a vehicle is traveling at, the greater the likelihood of the driver losing control of the vehicle. When alcohol is involved, this possibility only increases as intoxication often causes impairment and slowed reflexes.

Driver causes fatal accident after losing control of speeding car

In New York City and elsewhere, speed limits are put in place on roads to protect drivers and their passengers. The limits are typically based on the area and the uses of the road in question, as well as what is considered to be safe for handling on the road. When drivers use excessive speed, not only do they risk a ticket from law enforcement, they also risk injuring themselves, their passengers or other motorists. 

NYC lawmakers approve use of cameras to catch speeding motorists

There are traffic and vehicle laws in place in New York City, as well as throughout the rest of the U.S., to keep roads safe. Law enforcement officers are charged with the task of ensuring motorists obey those laws. With so many drivers hitting the roads each day, this can turn into a daunting task because enforcement is subject to police being in the right place at the right time to observe a traffic offense. Some states have started taking advantage of technological advancements in order to assist cops in policing the streets.

Man beats odds, wins speeding ticket appeal

Every day, there are drivers in New York City, and other cities all across the U.S., who are issued tickets by law enforcement officers. Most of the time, motorists accept the ticket and the consequences that come with it, but sometimes, however, a driver may choose to fight a traffic ticket.

Extreme speed a possible factor in Queens accident

Most people are aware that driving in excess of the speed limit can have serious consequences. Those consequences, however, go beyond just possible speeding tickets. When speed is a factor in an accident, the at-fault driver could face more serious charges, and the speed provides more force, which can result in greater damage and more serious injuries.

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