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Commercial drivers in New York face new cell phone restrictions

New York traffic laws have been evolving and can sometimes include different statutes or requirements for different types of drivers' licenses. Violations of New York traffic law can result in a variety of consequences including fines, points added to a Department of Motor Vehicle records, license suspensions and more.

NYC tackles speeding with 284 new speed bumps

New York City is undoubtedly sees some of the busiest roadways in the nation. That means the city also sees its share of accidents, speeding and other driving violations or problems. Depending upon the nature of the offense, drivers may be fined, have points added to their driving records, face license suspensions or more.

Distracted driving takes center stage in New York

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a natural thing that people do every day in our society, sometimes with little thought as to the privileges inherent or the laws governing it. Today’s New York traffic law, however, are clear and sometimes strict in an effort to ensure public safety and minimize motor vehicle accidents and other problems.

YouTube video leads to reckless driving arrest

New York drivers can receive citations for a multitude of reasons. The vehicle laws for New York City are designed to keep everyone including motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians safe and speeding tickets or other citations are one way that law enforcement officers try to ensure that is able to happen. Often, a traffic ticket can simply be paid and the whole situation is over. Points can be assessed on a driving record and can eventually expire or be removed.

New York man leads police on high-speed chase with toddler in car

Roads in New York City, and throughout the majority of the U.S., are regulated by speed limits. When motorists drive in excess of the speed limits, they risk losing control of their vehicle and crashing at worst, and, at best being spotted by police.

Driver in Brooklyn accused of violating move over law

New York City lawmakers and officials develop and enact traffic laws to maintain order and safety on the roadways. While some laws are aimed at protecting motorists themselves, others are meant to serve as protection for the pedestrians, cyclists, workers and others who share the roads with drivers.

New York man arrested, charged with multiple traffic violations

New York, like all individual states in the U.S., enacts and enforces its own traffic laws. These laws are established in order to keep the roads and all those who use them safe. When motorists are charged with violating New York traffic law, the penalties can add up quickly, and, in some cases is made more severe when a driver is charged with multiple violations.

Long Island man arrested, accused of driving on suspended license

In New York and other states, there are a number of reasons for which a person’s driver’s license could be suspended or revoked. Threat of a suspended license is, in many cases, meant to act as a deterrent to prevent drivers from committing traffic violations. Suspending or revoking a driver’s license is a more sever consequence than fines or points on your license, but is not quite as severe as a jail sentence. For the most part, drivers submit to following traffic laws in order to avoid penalties such as license suspensions and maintain roadway safety, but there are other drivers who do not.

New York law proposes felony if suspended driver causes death

Lawmakers in New York and other states have difficult tasks. They must balance individual rights with preserving public safety. Sometimes, as is often the case with traffic laws, laws must be adjusted. Any number of reasons could lead to a law being reformed, such as no longer being applicable or in order to create stricter punishments for breaking laws. When fines or points on a driver's license do not encourage motorists to obey traffic laws, lawmakers develop and enact more severe consequences in order to ensure the roads remain safe.

One-year anniversary of distracted driving bill shows fourfold increase in cell phone citations

A little over a year ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed one of the state's most stringent vehicle traffic laws into effect. Specifically, back on July 12, 2011, he signed a bill designed to crack down on distracted driving by effectively banning motorists from using their cell phones or other handheld devices while behind the wheel.

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