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Traffic Violations: You Can Challenge The Ticket!

Almost everyone considers a traffic violation to be a minor issue. The standard response upon receiving a speeding ticket or some other traffic summons is to simply mail in payment for the fine. That is the quickest way to put it out of your mind, but it could result in automatic license suspension, surcharges and higher insurance rates — even years later.

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, P.C., our attorneys understand how important it is to take every traffic violation seriously. Founding attorney Martin A. Kron is a former New York City traffic court judge who uses that experience to provide our clients with every strategy his experience has taught him. Our attorneys are confident handling your matter whether you choose to accept a plea bargain or fight a charge at trial.

Holding a driver's license is a valuable privilege. Let us help protect your rights and prevent harsh consequences. Call our office at 212-691-0175 for representation in New York and New Jersey. Live out of state? We can represent you too.

We offer our assistance in defending against all traffic violations, including:

Prevent Having An Arrest Warrant Issued For Failure To Appear In Court

Many infractions require a court appearance. If you are facing one of these situations and do not appear in court as directed, the judge might issue a warrant for your arrest. If you are in a car accident and receive tickets, if the tickets are not taken care of immediately, they can be used against you in a court of law. It is important to handle these violations quickly by calling a skilled law firm.

Ticketed For A Traffic Violation? Discuss Your Options In A Consultation.

If you or a family member has received a ticket, it is wise to contact our lawyers quickly. We can help you fight to keep your driving privileges and your insurance premiums as low as possible.

Call our office at 212-691-0175 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with one of our lawyers. We accept all major credit cards in order to better accommodate our clients' needs.