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  • One week later my ticket was dismissed.

    I lost the original ticket. I had Bronx NYC court in two weeks and was concerned about losing my company car. I called other traffic attorneys and they did not tell me what my violation was or what would happen. I called Martin who was able to find my ticket, identify the officer, and tell me exactly my violation (28 over and 6 pts) and what his recommendation was based on my recollection of events. He assured me that this was a ticket he felt comfortable getting dismissed. One week later my ticket was dismissed, no follow-up ever required. Great decision+great attorney=great result

    - Scott

  • He went above and beyond.

    I was very satisfied with Martin and his team as they resolved a speeding ticket and possible suspension issue I had. Martin's combination of experience, honesty, and positive demeanor helped me through my ordeal and made it a much more manageable process. He went above and beyond to provide me with all of the information regarding my ticket, making me feel much more in control. Although he spent a lot of time on the phone with me, ultimately my case was settled without having to go through a hearing and I didn't end up hiring Martin. I am very grateful for Martin's honesty as he did not pressure me to use his services, but rather helped me resolve the issue even though it meant he would lose out on my business.

    I hope I never have to, but if I get into a similar issue again, I would absolutely use Martin and his team and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a traffic lawyer.

    - Nick

  • He did the IMPOSSIBLE!
    My family and I have used Martin Kron's services for a couple of years and have always had positive outcomes in our favor. I almost never write reviews but he did the impossible today which warrants a review. He represented me in a DWI refusal hearing which is not an easy thing to win. I was facing a year license suspension among a host of other consequences. I believe his knowledge and experience of being a former judge came through today. He was able to trip up the police officer in so many ways that the judge told the officer "you are being evasive with your answers" Martin then made a motion to dismiss, the judge looked over, nodded and said granted! He DID the IMPOSSIBLE and won my DWI refusal hearing! I highly recommend his office and services. He has always been extremely knowledgeable, professional, upfront and honest. He is the BEST at what he does. Thank you Martin!

    - Phil

  • Exceeds excellence!!
    The team at Martin A. Kron exceeds excellence!!! Thank you so much, Naomi, for helping me in my situation concerning my DMV case! You're the best!!!

    - Viana

  • Moving violation dismissed.
    I would like to personally thank Mr. Martin Kron for his help in getting a no left turn moving violation dismissed. I had a clean driving record with no moving violation and after speaking with Mr. Kron he made no guarantees and was honest with regards to the whole matter and never gave me a false sense of security as to what the final turn out would be. He said he would only do his best and I gave him my case. I was extremely worried because it was an injustice based on the circumstances and Mr. Kron was able to get the moving violation dismissed and I thank him very much. I recommend Mr. Kron for traffic violations without hesitation, and again I say "Thank You" Mr. Kron.

    - Irving

  • Trust me, he's your guy!!
    I had a complicated situation with 3 tickets and was in danger of losing my licence. Martin negotiated with the prosecutor, got my tickets reduced and I was able to keep my license. If you have traffic tickets, trust me, he's your guy!!

    - Satisfied Client

  • Martin A. Kron got me off with a warning.
    In September 2015 I was faced with a very serious New York City traffic violation. I was very upset with the predicament I had gotten myself into & reached out to Martin A. Kron for legal counsel. Subsequent to explaining what happened Martin agreed to handle my case & assured me I was in good hands - at this point I formally retained Martin. I sweated out a possible suspended license - I was humiliated, embarrassed & humbled by the sheer recklessness of my actions. I swore to myself that if I got off with just a warning I would never ever disobey the traffic laws again. Via his expert legal acumen & experience, Martin A. Kron got me off with a warning. I strongly recommend The Law Offices of Martin A. Kron to anyone facing a traffic violation. In summary, do not disobey the traffic laws - the consequences are just not worth it.

    - Robert

  • Martin is the perfect person for this job.

    As a former NYS Traffic Law Judge and having previously sat where the Judges before him now sit, Martin is the perfect person for this job. Besides a plethora of experience on and off the bench, he's kind and honest, he listens and is attentive to your concerns, is straightforward and most importantly, gives out reasonable expectations. He always returns phone calls in a timely manner and makes himself accessible even on weekends. And to top it off, he even has a sense of humor. Hope I never have to hire him again, but if the situation arises, he's my go-to guy!

    - Margie

  • Hire him with confidence.
    I owe Marty a debt of gratitude for the way in which he counseled me on traffic tickets and what to do in court. I would give Marty my highest recommendation. He REALLY knows his stuff. Do hire him with confidence. While I hope I never need him again I rest a little easier knowing that I have him by my side. Thanks, Marty.

    - Rand

  • Reduced my son's fine considerably.
    My son and I consulted with Martin for a traffic violation that was received in the Bronx in 2016. His knowledge reduced my son's fine considerably as well as helped him shed points in an efficient manner. We would recommend him for hire.

    - Paul

  • He kept in touch to make sure my issue was completely resolved.
    Martin Kron was very patient, fair, and upfront during my interactions with him. I am currently out of the NY/NJ area, after a recent move. But needed someone to represent me for an issue with the DMV in NYS. He was realistic with timelines and was able to ultimately get my issue resolved before it affected my current state license. Can't thank him enough. After he resolved the issue in NYS, he kept in touch to make sure my issue was completely resolved in my new home state.

    - Orlene

  • I walked out with my best possible outcome.

    After receiving a ticket for driving in a construction zone, I reached out to Marty who was highly recommended to me. Marty was terrific and clearly laid out all the possible scenarios. Sometimes court can be overwhelming (points, no points, fine, reduced fine, guilty vs not guilty) yet Marty made everything simple and focused on what outcome was most important for me. Due to Marty, I walked in confident and walked out with my best possible outcome

    I hope to not be in court again for any type of traffic violation but Marty will be my first call if I need assistance and anyone else reading this should do the same.

    - Justin

  • The judges in the courts we were in knew who he was and liked him.
    Martin Kron and his office did a wonderful job helping me with traffic tickets that were more than 3 years old!!! The judges in the courts we were in knew who he was and liked him and his professionalism. His associates in his office were very very nice, timely and helpful. He was always reachable and actually made the experiment fun... I was worried I would have to pay high fines because I had not done anything about these tickets for so many years, but because of Martin and his relationships with the courts, I really got great fines with no points added to my license!!! I forwarded his information to several of my friends because we finished so quickly. I would refer him again at any time.

    - Darra

  • I will never deal with another attorney again.

    I experienced a very difficult situation between the states of New York as well as New Jersey where I was potentially facing a 6-month suspension of my license. Aside from the fact that I live 6 hours from New Jersey, I was in dire need of professional expertise to ensure that my situation was handled as well as possible. I spoke with a number of attorney's and decided to hire Martin; and will never deal with another attorney again. Martin was extremely friendly, offered great advice and support and ultimately helped me to have all of the charges thrown out with my case being dropped.

    As we all know, no one can promise or guarantee the same outcome. However, if you want the best chance to receive the best possible outcome, Martin Kron and his team are your only option.

    - Matt

  • No points and no suspension.
    Mr. Kron got my driving with a suspended license dropped down to a charge that carried no points and no suspension. Can't thank him enough for the excellent work he did.

    - Jason

  • He didn't have to talk to me on his weekend but he did.

    I Hired Martin to help resolve 2 tickets I received for improper use of a cellphone. Martin listened to my story and was very honest and said I would lose the case unless I could prove it was a dire emergency. Martin explained how the process worked and that there was no ability to plea the tickets down. He explained points of law and how his firm would represent me in the cases. He did this during a Sunday morning while with his family. I was very impressed with his dedication to my cases. He didn't have to talk to me on his weekend but he did. Very classy.

    By the way, he won the first case for me! Second is pending. But regardless of the outcome, I know he is working hard to represent my case properly. Thanks for everything 

    - Rob

  • It's a relief knowing they are on my side.

    I am currently a client of Martin and his firm. They are a hard working firm and have been a pleasure to work with. I have spoken to several of them on the phone (sometimes on the weekend) and they have been nothing short of kind and generous. Their feedback and guidance thru emails and phone calls have been outstanding. It's a relief knowing they are on my side and doing everything they can to restore my driving privileges. Their attention to detail and enthusiasm in helping me is unlike no other firm I have dealt with. I would highly recommend them if you are in any sort of traffic violations.

    - Sky

  • I felt I could rely on Mr. Martin.
    I would like to thank Mr. Martin for his quick and professional help! My traffic problem was resolved in the best possible way. I felt I could rely on Mr. Martin with my problems and was very secure regarding the outcome. It was a pleasure to work with and communicate. Thanks a lot for your help!

    - Natalia

  • We were up first and out first.
    Marty met me 15 minutes before court was due to start exactly as we agreed. He spoke to the prosecutor and as indicated in the title, cut the points on my two tickets from 8 to 2, reduced my fines by a third, and we were out of court in 45 minutes. Had they started on time it would have been only 30 minutes instead of the hours it might have been with all the people that showed up. We were up first and out first. I bet he was there quite a bit earlier than I was to accomplish this feat.

    - Jeff

  • Honest with regards to the whole matter and never gave me a false sense of security
    I would like to personally thank Mr. Martin Kron for his help in getting a no left turn moving violation dismissed. I had a clean driving record with no moving violation and after speaking with Mr. Kron he made no guarantees and was honest with regards to the whole matter and never gave me a false sense of security as to what the final turn out would be. He said he would only do his best and I gave him my case. I was extremely worried because it was an injustice based on the circumstances and Mr. Kron was able to get the moving violation to dismiss and I thank him very much. I recommend Mr. Kron for traffic violations without hesitation, and again I say "Thank You" Mr. Kron.

    - Irving

  • I would refer him to anyone, anytime for anything.
    I had 3 cell phone violations within 18 months, which by law subjects me to license suspension. Mr. Kron and I deferred our case 4 times which is the maximum. When we finally decided to plead me guilty, Mr. Kron did everything within his power to reason with the judge for leniency-and he succeeded!! I was found guilty, have to pay a fine, but will be able to keep on driving which is extremely important for me to maintain my lifestyle. Most importantly, during this process, I was a nervous wreck. Mr. Kron was immediate in his responses to my inquiries----almost replying to my texts before I hit send!! I cannot thank this man enough... I would refer him to anyone, anytime for anything. He did an absolutely wonderful job for me. One final thought. You know how you read about or see about everything else that works for other people but never works for you? This is a case where this guy was an angel and delivered me the best possible outcome. I am a very lucky man today because of Mr. Kron.

    - Brian

  • I received invaluable advice on my case.
    I received a ticket for driving with an expired license and thought I'd go to court myself without consulting an attorney. However, last minute, a friend recommended Mr. Kron. Without much notice, I received invaluable advice on my case which spanned both NY and NJ traffic laws. Instead of having my license suspended, I received a minimal fine. I would highly recommend Mr. Kron He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I'm very grateful I did not go at it alone.

    - Talia

  • Good communication the entire time.
    I am an idiot and got a ticket for doing 90 in a 40 in Manhattan. Martin and his people were very helpful throughout the process, keeping good communication with me the entire time. Just got word that the ticket was dismissed. THANKS MARTIN!

    - Satisfied Client

  • Very easy to reach either him or his office.
    Martin is an excellent attorney. He got the results I needed and it was very easy to reach either him or his office. Martin will be the only red light/speeding attorney that I ever use.

    - Satisfied Client

  • I was out of the court in 20 minutes.
    Marty is a professional, and a very caring person. Recently on my way to daughters graduation, I entered HOV lane at GW Bridge. On his advise I pleaded guilty but the points were waived. He met me at the court and we went before the judge right away and I was out of the court in 20 minutes.

    - Satisfied Client

  • Martin was honest, clear and available.
    This was my first time hiring an attorney for a ticket. I had a ticket for speeding in a school zone and was in jeopardy of having my license suspended. Martin was honest, clear and available. He just communicated with me and shared I was found not guilty!!! So grateful and thankful for Martin and his team!

    - Satisfied Client

  • Excellent Service!
    Once I called Mr. Kron's office, all of my issues were resolved. He took the time to review my case and recommend the best solutions for me; even from a financial perspective. I will recommend him to ANYONE who requests legal aid in his coverage area and will be calling him again if I find myself in another bind.

    - Kevin

  • He was always calm and patient with me.
    Martin is absolutely the best at what he does! He helped me from beginning to end with an improper cell phone use ticket. He made himself available for me consistently and returned my calls if he wasn't able to speak. He explained things in detail and answered all my questions. I literally bugged this man with questions because of my anxiety and he was always calm and patient with me. On the date of my court hearing, I walk right in and right out as he tells me I got your case dismissed. I had the biggest smile on my face and I was certainly relieved. Hands down he is an excellent communicator and is surely effective! Thank you, Martin!

    - Tasha

  • Most impressed by their availability to respond to me.
    I'm glad I choose this lawyer. His professionalism and his ability to follow things up impressed me. There was always someone in the office to respond to my phone calls. Finally, they had my file up to date. I won my case, but beyond everything, I was most impressed by their availability to respond to me. Thanks!

    - Vitalis

  • No fine and no points on my license!
    Martin is an excellent lawyer. I had a hearing for a cell phone ticket that I forgot about. I called him 1 day before and Martin attended the hearing the following day in my absence and got me a No Guilty Fee! Resulting in no fine and more importantly - no points on my license!

    - John

  • Attentive, grade A service

    I recently retained Martin and his son Dan to handle a DUI for me as I was incredibly worried that one big mistake was going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I called multiple attorneys and though their fee was by no means the lowest it came in right around the middle of all the quotes I had received. What I felt I got from them was attentive and grade A service though. From the beginning, Dan was very reassuring and set me at ease. We discussed my case and came up with a plan for how we would proceed. Over the course of the multiple appearances that I had to make he was always there at the right time, saying the right thing, and in general acting like he had my back. In addition, whenever I called the office for updates his assistant was super helpful and whenever I spoke to him or Martin, they were super generous with their time. In the end, they obtained as good an outcome as I could have ever wished for! I am very grateful to all their hard work and the professional and friendly demeanor they maintained through this entire travail. I cannot recommend them enough!

    - Michael

  • Mr. Kron is wonderful!
    Mr. Martin A. Kron is a knowledgeable, professional, effective and caring Attorney. And finding this combination is very rare. He treats you like a client, but he also treats you like family. I have gotten speeding tickets in the past and handled them myself. But this was a DWI Ticket (and a careless driving ticket) and I was petrified. I found Mr. Martin Kron, and he was wonderful. He believed what I had to say, he walked me through the process, and he even gave me his cell number and home email so that I could contact him any time I felt scared or confused. The first court date was just to enter the plea. Mr. Kron spoke with the Prosecutor prior to the second court appearance and we were hoping that based on the evidence, the Prosecutor would dismiss the tickets. No such luck. I think the Prosecutor wanted another "win" in his column, and I was going to be it. Mr. Kron presented our case and the Prosecutor presented why he had grounds to proceed to trial. But Mr. Kron professionally stood his ground and the 2 tickets were dismissed that day! I couldn't more highly recommend an attorney! Mr. Kron is wonderful!

    - Eileen

  • The best decision I made.

    I highly recommend Martin Kron & Associates. I had a great experience. A good friend recommended me to Marty last year when I received a speeding ticket in NYC. Marty knows the process extremely well, listened & answered all of my questions, and ultimately got my ticket dismissed. In addition, during the past 20 months, when I had questions regarding the adjournments and processes, all of the people in his office were extremely responsive, professional and great at answering all of my questions. Before getting the referral to Marty, I called a few other traffic law firms that I found online to possibly handle the ticket. They all sounded like ticket factories with no real service and no real people behind you. Having Marty or one of his attorneys representing you in NYC traffic court was the best decision I made and is 100% the right answer. I got a great result and felt that I had the A-team on my side. If you get a traffic ticket in NYC, I would call Martin Kron...

    - Eric

  • Awesome Law Firm!
    Had a serious criminal matter, attorney helped me get it reduced to just a fine and NO CRIMINAL RECORD!!!!! So happy saved my life and job! Also had a traffic ticket DISMISSED. Reasonable prices too ……never charged me and we had to go to court at least a dozen times.

    - Chris

    Had tons of old traffic tickets in NYC. Mr. Kron got them reopened and thrown out. I got emails all the time telling what was going on but I never had to appear.

    - Jack

  • So personable and nice.
    When I called the Firm I was very hesitant in even hiring an attorney but after speaking with the attorney I felt very comfortable in my decision in hiring an attorney. I had a reckless driving summons in NY and the attorney Lindsay Kron met me at court. She was so personable and nice. She was able to have my summons reduced to a no point no criminal violation with a minimal fine. This Firm is amazing and did a great job. I would definitely recommend them in the future.

    - Rachel

  • I am so glad I chose his firm, his fee was well worth it.
    I am very happy with Mr. Kron's help. He had my ticket for driving with lapsed insurance in New Jersey (1st offense, no bad driving history) dismissed, all I had to pay were $33.00 in court fees. I am so glad I chose his firm, his fee was well worth it.

    - Mariya

  • Both tickets dismissed!
    I received two cell phone tickets in the past year because I was using the GPS on my cell phone. Mr. Kron was able to get both tickets dismissed and put me at ease along the way.

    - James

  • Got me a great outcome!!
    Just found out that my careless driving and my 10 over speed were both dismissed! I was freaked out since I drive commercially and can't have points on my license! I am so happy that the lawyers at MAK were able to take my case and get me a great outcome!!!!! In the past I hired another traffic attorney and all he did was take my money and I still got found guilty. Martin cost a little more but he was well worth it cuz we won!

    - Guillermo

    My lawyer helped save my license from a suspension. If I can't drive I can't work or feed my family. They were always on top of my case and helped me continue to drive for a living. I spoke with all three partners and each one knew about my case and helped each step of the way. Vanessa the manager was so helpful and didn't mind that I called every day.

    - Augie