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August 2013 Archives

NYPD officer charged with traffic violations, driving drunk

Readers in New York City are likely aware that there are traffic laws in place in order to keep the city’s roads safe and orderly. Since law enforcement officers are tasked with the enforcement of such laws, there is a misconception that they do not get traffic tickets like other motorists. Regardless of what a driver’s “day job” is, if they are found to be in violation of traffic laws, particularly if their actions are putting others at risk, they are supposed to be held accountable and charged with the traffic violations

New York man leads police on high-speed chase with toddler in car

Roads in New York City, and throughout the majority of the U.S., are regulated by speed limits. When motorists drive in excess of the speed limits, they risk losing control of their vehicle and crashing at worst, and, at best being spotted by police.

Charges dropped against New York DJ, driver's license reinstated

When law enforcement issues a driver a ticket for a traffic offense, they have an obligation to resolve that ticket, whether it be paying a fine or going before a judge to contest the ticket. While the consequences of a ticket may not severe, if a motorist disregards a traffic ticket, it could result in a suspended driver’s license, which can have much longer, more significant effects.

Woman arrested for DWI, arrested for a second 5 hours later

For the most part, drivers know they can face serious consequences if they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Still, it is not uncommon for motorists to have more than one drunk driving conviction on their record. Often, there are more severe penalties for drivers who have more than one drinking and driving offense on their record than for first time offenders.

New York Jets player arrested for unresolved traffic tickets

In New York, as well as other states throughout the U.S., law enforcement officers regularly issue traffic tickets to motorists who are observed violating the traffic laws. While the consequences of these tickets can be as lenient as fines or points on a driver's license, these summonses often require some sort of action on the part of the motorist. Not following through with resolving even the smallest New York traffic law violation can result in much more serious legal issues down the road.

New York governor toughens law against drunk driving with kids

Like most New York vehicle and traffic laws, the state's drunken driving laws and their consequences are established and enforced in order to ensure order and safety on the roads. Due to the serious ramifications of drinking and driving, New York's drunken driving laws are among the toughest in the United States. Motorists who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol face stiff penalties, including a license suspension and possibly even jail time.

Ambulance driver cited for traffic violations in fatal accident

People in New York City typically think of ambulance drivers as lifesavers, not as people who cause deaths. When transporting patients, however, emergency responders are just as prone to accidents as other motorists. Since ambulance drivers often have to have to drive faster than the posted limits and move in and out of traffic in order to get from the scene of an incident back to the hospital to save a patient's life, they can be dangerous to the other drivers on the road if they are not paying close attention to the other vehicles around them.

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