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Man Arrested for Driving Without License, Hitting Pedestrian

Stereotypes abound about drivers in New York. It can be assumed that anyone arrested for driving under the influence was exceptionally drunk or that they are irresponsible in general. For some people, only one drink can render them over the legal limit and many responsible, professional people can be at risk for such an arrest. Alternatively, it could be thought that anyone with a revoked license has done something truly awful. In reality, the failure to pay a traffic ticket in a timely manner can lead to a suspended license.

While it is important for people to obey New York traffic laws, it is also important to remember that not all circumstances are the same and that everyone deserves the right to a defense when needed. An independent DirecTV dealer may be one such person. According to a recent news report, the man hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Euclid and Sutter Avenues in Brooklyn while driving his DirecTV van. The man was found to have a suspended driver’s license.

The driver is a 24-year old man and was arrested by law enforcement after the accident. The arrest was noted for driving without a valid driver’s license and also for his failure to yield the right of way to the 72-year old pedestrian. The woman was taken to the hospital following the accident and was originally listed in critical condition but has since been noted in stable condition at the time of the news report. The article did not indicate why the man license had been revoked.

Situations such as these may not always be as they can seem and the need for an adequate defense for people arrested on such charges is important. Anyone facing a circumstance like this could get assistance from a vehicle traffic lawyer.

Source: NBC New York, “Brooklyn Woman, 72, Hit by DirecTV Driver With Suspended License,” Lori Bordonaro, November 25, 2013

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