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New York to Increase Traffic Safety with Harsher Penalties

Traffic-related laws are developed and enacted in order to maintain order and safety on the nation's roadways. For some drivers, one traffic violation is enough to prevent them from breaking the laws of the road again. Other drivers, however, may find themselves with multiple traffic violations. In order to cut back on repeat offenses, some states, such as New York, are creating new legislation that would create stricter consequences.

The New York governor's office recently began working with the state's legislature to crack down on individuals who break traffic laws. Officials believe many of the serious accidents caused on New York's roads are due to drivers who consistently exceed the speed limits. The goal is that the stricter penalties will deter individuals from breaking traffic laws, increasing the safety of everyone on the road.

The agreement is part of the budget being developed and would increase fines for traffic violations, as well as make it more difficult for individuals with repeat offenses to reach plea deals for less serious charges. Under the new plan, motorists would be charged increased fines for violations such as speeding and talking or texting while driving. Drivers that did reach a plea agreement would have to pay a surcharge on top of the local fine. No changes, however, would be made to the points system.

When fines, license suspensions, and other more lenient punishments are not enough to deter driver's from breaking traffic laws, states often enact more strict consequences and implement new laws to help better regulate the issues. Hopes for these agreements, like the one being considered in New York, are that it will cut down on traffic violations, especially repeat violations, and help to increase the roadway safety.

Source: Long Island Newsday, "Repeat speeders could face stiffer penalties", Joan Gralla, March 21, 2013

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