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Drunk Driving Charges Levied Against Two Officers

The consequences that drivers face when convicted of impaired driving charges in the state of New York can span many years. Loss of driving privileges, jail time and high fines can impact defendants’ abilities to work as well as other aspects of their lives. Despite the many stereotypes that may abound regarding people charged with driving while intoxicated or related charges, no citizen is immune from such problems and even those well-regarded in the community can be arrested for drunk driving.

In just a few short hours recently, two New York Police Department officers were arrested for drunk driving. In both cases, the men refused to take requested breath tests as well. One arrest took place in Queens where a 38-year-old captain was stopped by law enforcement after he hit another vehicle from behind in the wee hours of a Thursday morning.

Just a couple of hours before the captain’s arrest, a lieutenant with the NYPD allegedly hit two other vehicles with his automobile and was subsequently stopped. The defendant is reported to state that he simply fell asleep while driving. News reports did not specify whether the two officers were taken into custody and, if so, if any bail was posted in either case.

Situations like the above make it clear that anyone can be arrested for DWI, DUI or DWAI charges. It is important for defendants to remember that an arrest does not guarantee a conviction and working with an attorney can be a helpful way to fight against such accusations.

Source: CBS New York, “Off-Duty Police Lieutenant, Captain Charged Separately With DWI,” September 25, 2014

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