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Actor, Anthony Mackie Found Guilty of Driving Drunk in Harlem

In Manhattan, and throughout the state of New York, drinking and driving is considered a serious criminal offense. As such, people who are convicted of DUI charges may face severe penalties. These may include fines, driver’s license suspensions or revocations, and jail time, among other consequences. Often, such convictions and resultant penalties can have lasting effects on people’s personal lives, as well as their professional lives.

According to reports, actor, Anthony Mackie was arrested in Harlem in 2013 on charges of drunk driving. This was despite his having refused to submit to field sobriety tests or a Breathalyzer. At his recent trial, Mackie’s attorney argued that the prosecution had failed to prove the actor was driving while intoxicated. There was also reportedly video showing Mackie appearing sober following his arrest. It was not reported whether Mackie was required to perform a blood or urine test.

Although there did not seem to be significant evidence proving his guilt, Mackie was reportedly convicted of operating a vehicle while impaired. As a result, he was fined $300 and will also be required to pay a mandatory surcharge of $255. Additionally, the actor will have to complete a drunk driving program. The judge also sentenced Mackie to a 90-day driver’s license suspension.

Being convicted of drunk driving in New York can carry serious penalties. Therefore, it may be important for those facing such charges to seek legal counsel and representation. An attorney may help ensure their rights are upheld and aid in building a defense against the charges they are facing.

Source: E! Online, “Captain America’s Anthony Mackie Convicted of Driving While Impaired, Ordered to Participate in Drunk Driving Program,” Alyssa Toomey, Feb. 20, 2015

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