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New Jersey Follows New York Focus on Pedestrian Safety

Every resident in New York City by now is familiar with Vision Zero. Enacted roughly a year and a half ago, this program was instituted by the mayor with the focus on making the city safer for pedestrians. Slow zones, red-light cameras, and greater enforcement have all been part of this process. Another part of the process has been more tickets and revenue for the city for traffic violations that pertain to pedestrians.

Now, the state of New Jersey appears to be following New York City’s lead. A recent report noted that a bill was passed to increase fines for motorists who receive select citations. These offenses would all relate directly to the safety of pedestrians. Current fines range from just over $50 to $200. The bill makes the fine for all of these offenses a standard $250. The message being sent from New Jersey lawmakers to residents and visitors is clear—pedestrian safety matters and violations will cost more now.

The measure appeared highly popular as it passed with only two members choosing not to vote and 22 voting against it. A total of 45 lawmakers voted in support of the bill’s passage. No report has yet been issued indicating that further changes such as fines for speeding tickets or other traffic violations will be made. The date that the new law takes effect is also as of yet unknown.

What is known is that the ability to fight a traffic ticket is something every motorist still has. When faced with a traffic ticket for any reason in New York City or in New Jersey, it can be helpful to talk to an attorney.

Source:, “NJ Assembly approves bill dedicating higher fines to pedestrian safety,” David Levinsky, May 14, 2015

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