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Understanding How Speeding Violations Are Determined in New York

No matter if you are visiting the Big Apple or call New York home, it is important to be aware of road and safety regulations across the state. Speeding violations are a major cause of citations and arrests, and many times they are the result of drivers simply not knowing when and how vehicle speeds are monitored. One aspect of constructing an effective defense against speeding charges is understanding the methods used by law enforcement agencies to determine violations. That is why we here at Martin A. Kron and Associates, L.L.P., are committed to educating our clients about speeding regulations and monitoring techniques.

According to, law enforcement agencies across the state of New York implement several different methods for monitoring vehicle speeds on public roadways. For instance, New York police helicopters often fly over large sections of interstate, measuring the speeds of commuters. A vehicle’s speed can be determined from a helicopter by measuring how long it takes for a car to pass from one particular point to another.

Radar is the most common way that law enforcement officers determine vehicle speeds. Radars utilize radio waves, which reflect off of moving vehicles and are measured as they return to the device. The frequency of the returning waves indicates the speed of the vehicle in question. Another technique that is frequently used by authorities when monitoring traffic speeds is laser technology. Lasers work in a similar way as radar and revolve around the time that it takes for a beam of light to reflect off of a moving car.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a speeding violation in New York, it is important that you understand the nature and severity of the violation in question. Learn more about speeding tickets and other related topics by visiting our web page today.

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