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West Side Highway Revisions Lower Speed Limit & Improve Cyclist Safety

Three people lay concrete to build a road

If you have lived in New York City for long, then you know that the West Side Highway – or the Joe DiMaggio Highway as it is often called – can be a dangerous place due to reckless driving. In an effort to curb the number of car accidents along the highway, with an intentional focus on reducing the frequency of bicycle accidents, a number of revisions and renovations are being made to the highway.

Most notably, the speed limit along West Side Highway is being reduced to 30 miles per hour, down from 35. The hope is a lowered speed limit will force drivers to have more time to react to hazards, merging vehicles, and bicyclists who are sharing the road with them. Although, there is concern that it might only serve to hand out more traffic tickets to drivers who inadvertently speed due to the speed limit drop.

Other changes to the West Side Highway will include:

  • Increased crosswalk time for pedestrians at several intersections
  • Split-phase light timing to improve traffic flow
  • Curb extensions with pavement markings
  • Right-turn yield signs at busy pedestrian intersections

Senator Brad Hoylman spearheaded the effort to get the West Side Highway upgraded after a string of traffic-related deaths in 2016 occurred along the road and at busy intersections. In 2018, more than 130 people were seriously injured in more than 700 crashes between West 23rd Street and Battery Place alone.

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