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Can junior drivers have licenses suspended or revoked?

New York, like many other states in the country, has adopted what is referred to as a graduated approach to driver’s licenses for people under the age of 18. This means that drivers who receive learner’s permits or junior drivers’ licenses can only operate motor vehicles under certain restrictions. These restrictions ease in a graduated fashion until they are eventually lifted.

Federal lawsuit challenges practice of jailing drivers

In and around New York City, there has been a crackdown on various traffic violations over the past couple of years. The city itself led the way with the Vision Zero project and other counties and areas have also tightened their oversight on other issues and penalties. This includes multiple agencies including the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as law enforcement. All in all, New York traffic law has become a complicated thing.

Commercial driving violations in New York City

Driving a commercial vehicle within New York City is no easy task. Navigating narrow, crowded streets while trying to meet deadlines can put drivers in difficult situations. If you hold a commercial driver’s license in New York, you know that there are stringent regulations by which you must abide in order to retain the ability to drive commercially. Some traffic violations may result in fines or action against an employer but some can result in points added to your driver’s license.

How can new state residents obtain drivers’ licenses?

Our society today is a very mobile one. Many people frequently move to other states or even countries. If you move to New York and become residents of the state, obtaining a valid New York driver’s license is important. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, there are two primary means of doing this. The first is by applying for a brand new license and passing all required tests.

Drivers under siege in New York City

When New York City’s mayor announced the Vision Zero campaign at the beginning of 2014, residents in and around the city had much to learn. Since then, dramatic changes have been seen all in the name of improving safety for pedestrians. To many motorists, the changes seem to focus equally on cracking down harder and harder on drivers and issuing as many citations for traffic violations as possible.

Do bicyclists have to follow New York traffic laws?

If you or a loved one were involved in an automobile accident with someone on a bicycle, you may have serious questions and concerns over being accused of causing the collision. The number of people riding bicycles as a regular form of transportation is on the rise in New York, and the number of bicycle accidents that occur every year is also significant. Unfortunately, many bicycle riders’ failure to acknowledge and/or abide by New York traffic laws contributes to serious and even fatal accident injuries.

Do I have to speak to law enforcement at a DUI checkpoint?

Knowing your rights when entering a DUI checkpoint is a valuable tool. Though such checkpoints are actually banned or not used in 12 states, the Governors Highway Safety Association points out that they are in legal use under New York traffic law.

Understanding the New York driver responsibility assessment

Certain traffic offenses in New York automatically enter a motorist into the state’s responsibility assessment program. The fee associated with the program is tacked on to any fines or penalties that are already owed as part of the violation. At Martin A. Kron & Associates, LLP, we know that these fees can be costly and cause even more financial hardship for those accused of a traffic offense. Understanding the implications of certain tickets may encourage drivers to fight the charges. 

Driver in fatal crash charged with failure to yield

Most people in New York City are aware that the mayor enacted the Vision Zero program in 2014. In general, the program is aimed at reducing traffic-related deaths in the city. However, the program has made what were previously minor traffic law violations serious offenses for drivers. As such, motorists could face harsher penalties for convictions of New York traffic law offenses.

Man charged with fleeing the scene after Long Island accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can have potential serious effects for people in New York City. Not only is there the potential for injury, but those who cause accidents may also face criminal charges if they have violated New York traffic law. As a result, they could be sentenced to jail time, have their driver’s license suspended or be fined.

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