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For many, traffic violations are an expected part of New York life. From speeding to texting while driving, violations may result in severe consequences, especially if you are charged with multiple offenses. But avoiding these penalties may not be as simple as we would like, especially when the ticketing system is automatic. In New York, thousands of drivers unintentionally violate E-ZPass regulations and suffer unreasonable consequences.

At Martin A. Kron & Associates, P.C., our attorney can help you get your E-ZPass ticket dismissed. Many receive a violation notice and assume they have no other choice but to pay. In our 30 years of experience, however, we have witnessed countless instances where NY drivers receive unfair tickets, dispute them in court, and walk away without having to pay. We are ready to help you do the same.

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Everything You Need to Know About E-ZPass Violations

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system in New York. Many drivers elect to prepay their tolls through this system to avoid having to stop and wait in line at toll booths and plazas, thus getting through the lane more quickly. If you use this system, you are required to place a toll tag on your vehicle’s windshield, which is read by the antennae in the toll lane. Your E-ZPass account is automatically charged, and an electronic display system at the booth provides feedback, such as alerts for a low account balance. If you drive through without a toll tag, cameras will take photos of your license plate and classify you as a system violator.

While driving through the toll as an E-ZPass holder may be more efficient, drivers run the risk of getting a ticket if they fail to follow proper protocol and traffic laws.

Violations of the E-ZPass system in New York include:

  • Failing to pay toll bills. You have 15 days after the system issues your violation notice before it notifies a collection agency. For an individual customer driving a passenger vehicle, unpaid transactions become violations after two bill cycles. For a business customer driving a non-passenger vehicle, an overdue bill becomes a violation if it remains unpaid after a single reminder.
  • Driving through the “E-ZPass Only” lane without a properly placed toll tag. The tag must be mounted in the correct location, which differs depending on the user’s vehicle. Be sure to clean the area prior to placing the tag and press it down firmly for longterm use. If you don’t have a tag, or you have one but the E-ZPass system antenna doesn’t see it, you will be charged with a toll evasion violation.
  • Driving through the “E-ZPass Only” lane when your account has insufficient funds. When you drive through the “E-ZPass Only” lane, the system automatically charges your account. If it is below zero, you will be in violation of the system.
  • Driving through the “E-ZPass Only” lane with a different vehicle. You cannot remove your toll tag and attach it to a different vehicle.
  • Speeding through the “E-ZPass Only” lane. Every lane is different, but a vast majority have a posted speed limit of 5mph. Drivers are also expected to obey traffic signals at the booth. If you exit without waiting for the green light, you will heighten the risk of accidents and may be ticketed. Speed limit violations will result in a warning notice, a 60- or 180-day suspension, or revocation of your E-ZPass.

Once the E-ZPass lane camera takes a photo of your license plate, you won’t be able to cancel or stop the violation process, even if you go through another booth and pay with cash. Like all other traffic tickets, however, you can still dispute an E-ZPass violation in court with the help of our seasoned attorney.

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Our law firm’s goal is to help you avoid paying unnecessary fines, maintain a clean driving record, and preserve your driving privileges. While E-ZPass tickets may not threaten your driver’s license, you shouldn’t suffer unreasonable consequences if you have the opportunity to dispute them.

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