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Update: Justin Bieber Given Traffic Ticket After High-Speed Paparazzi Chase

A few weeks ago, we discussed how pop star Justin Bieber has been issued a speeding ticket for driving more than 65 miles-per-hour while attempting to evade paparazzi on Los Angeles' 101 freeway.

Reports indicated that police pulled over the teen singing sensation back on July 6 after receiving 911 calls reporting that his $100,000 Fisker Karma sports car was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed as it was being pursued by a group of photographers.

Interestingly, one of the photographers involved in the freeway chase is now facing a variety of criminal charges, including reckless driving, two counts of following a vehicle too closely, failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer and reckless driving with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain.

This last charge is very interesting as it is the first to be brought under A.B. 279, California's new "anti-paparazzi" law.

The law, signed by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 2010, dictates both jail time and steep fines for those photographers who drive recklessly and/or block sidewalks while pursuing celebrities and creating a sense of "false imprisonment."

After soon as Bieber was pulled over and issued a speeding ticket, the photographers in the cars following him disappeared.

Roughly 30 minutes later, however, Bieber called 911 to indicate that one of the photographer's cars was once again following him. Police were dispatched to a downtown L.A. parking garage where they located a Toyota RAV 4 with a license plate number matching one of the vehicles involved in the freeway chase and used this number to identify the 30-year-old photographer.

The photographer is due in court on August 9 and is facing up to one year in jail and a fine of $3,500.

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