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Rapper's Suspended License Results in Arrest

New York’s traffic laws range from speed limits to vehicle licensing and more. All are intended to keep the public safe in some manner. Failure to abide by any traffic law can result in fines, points on a driving record, potential increases in insurance, jail time or more. A resident can also receive a suspended driver’s license for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay fines, certain convictions or more. If a driver chooses to get behind the wheel with a suspended license, they are vulnerable to arrest if discovered by law enforcement.

That is what happened to rapper Jermaine Coleman, commonly known among his professional circles and by fans as Maino. In late September, he was driving through New York City in his Bentley but was stopped by police because his car did not have a license plate in the front. The rapper says he will not put on a front license plate because he is unwilling to drill holes into his custom luxury car.

During the traffic stop, police discovered that Maino also has a suspended driver’s license. Because of this, he was arrested and taken to jail. He entered a guilty plea in response to the charge and has since paid his fine and had his driver’s license reinstated.

Drivers can have their licenses suspended for minor or major offenses. Often, reinstating driving privileges can be easily done but other times the process can be more involved. If you have a suspended license and would like help with your situation, you could consider a consultation with a traffic law attorney.

Source:, “Maino Arrested In NYC For Driving With Suspended License,” Allen Starbury, October 14, 2013

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