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MTA Cracks Down on Bus Driver Traffic Violations

Virtually every driver gets a traffic ticket at some point in his or her life. Often, there are extenuating circumstances that can make fighting a ticket appropriate and worthwhile. This can include some times when the traffic violations are not completely cut-and-dried or when there may be ambiguity about the situation. This can be the case for any driver whether personal or profession on New York City roadways.

New York City bus drivers have not only state and local laws to comply with while on the roads but also the guidelines of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. The long hours behind the wheel require great care indeed but a recent article describes a severe crackdown on the part of the MTA organization against its own drivers.

Statistics showed that accidents in the first half of 2013 numbered about 10 percent more than during the same time period last year. This prompted MTA to take action. More than 370 area drivers were found to be guilty of more than 400 traffic violations after the transit agency posted undercover employees masquerading as passengers on buses around the city. Violations included use of cell phones, failure to signal before turning and running red lights. One driver was taken off of his route after he waved to another driver, breaking MTA’s rule that both hands are to remain on the wheel except when stopped.

New York traffic law is only one factor in some cases when a person is facing a traffic ticket defense. Even if you have the ability for assistance from a union, like the MTA drivers might, it could be well worth your time to discuss your situation with an attorney to learn your full rights for a traffic ticket defense.

Source: NBC New York, “Hundreds of MTA Bus Drivers Cited for Phone Use, Traffic Violations in Latest Crackdown,” October 2, 2013

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