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YouTube Video Leads to Reckless Driving Arrest

New York drivers can receive citations for a multitude of reasons. The vehicle laws for New York City are designed to keep every one including motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians safe and speeding tickets or other citations are one way that law enforcement officers try to ensure that is able to happen. Often, a traffic ticket can simply be paid and the whole situation is over. Points can be assessed on a driving record and can eventually expire or be removed.

In some situations, the repercussions of someone’s actions may not be clear upon an immediate charge or arrest. A YouTube video titled “Fastest Loop of Manhatten 2013”, posted by someone under the name of “AfroDuckProduction” recorded one man successful effort to break a prior record for the fastest vehicular run through the streets of Manhattan. With more than 300,000 views, including from law enforcement officials, the 30-year old Manhattan resident and driver was found and arrested for reckless driving among other violations.

A news article reporting the story did not indicate if the driver was cited for speeding or if he will receive any fines, points or jail sentences. The 2006 BMW Z4 that was driven in the video was apprehended by authorities. The driver mounted a video camera on the dashboard of the BMW to record his trip of just slightly over 24 minutes.

Cases like this can be unique and may be able to be helped by working with an attorney to help defendants receive fair process and treatment. If you have received traffic citations and need some help, you could consider talking to an attorney.

Source: CBS New York, “Police: ‘Fastest Lap Around Manhattan’ Driver Arrested,” September 6, 2013

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