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Judge Dismisses Traffic Violations for Driver

The Vision Zero plan in New York City is a multi-year effort to end traffic deaths, especially pedestrian deaths. It is modeled on plans touted to have been successful in other cities in the United States and in Europe. Drivers in New York have experienced many changes related to this plan including more traffic ticket cameras, speed bumps in slow zones and even a reduction in speed limits on many city streets. Even with this effort underway, it is still possible for a person who receives traffic citations to initiate a successful traffic ticket defense.

Just this past summer, a judge dismissed two different traffic tickets for a driver who was cited for the offenses in 2013. One of the tickets was issued for allegedly failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian. The other ticket was issued for failure to use appropriate care. News sources indicate the actions of the SUV were observable on video. 

Some people are dismayed by the judge’s dismissal of the tickets as a little girl was killed after being hit by the vehicle. She was apparently crossing the street with her grandparent. It is not known if the girl and the woman were walking in a designated crosswalk or if they were crossing the street illegally. A special hearing is scheduled via the Department of Motor Vehicles in January of 2015 which may or may not result in further action against the driver’s license.

When faced with the need to fight a traffic ticket, drivers in New York may wish to consult with an attorney. Penalties for traffic violations can range from fines to loss of driving privileges and more.

Source: CBS News, “Driver who killed girl, 3, has traffic tickets dismissed,” November 11, 2014

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