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Police Charged with Man’s Death

Most residents in New York know and believe that the state’s laws and handling of any drunk driving case is clear and can be harsh. Strict penalties are often expected for anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated with the effects lasting many years in some cases. 

Recent reports have exposed a situation in which police in Suffolk County are being sued by a family for allegedly not following the laws and arresting a man for drunk driving. Via the lawsuit which is reported to be seeking $30 million, the family members suggest that by not arresting their loved one, the police actually caused his death in an ensuing drunk driving accident. 

The now-deceased man had been apprehended by officers after crashing through the front yard and garage of another person’s home. It is said that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. The man was the owner of a local deli shop and was known to sell food to local police officers at good prices. The police officers who found him at the crash site chose not to arrest him but instead took him home. After being returned home, the deli owner is said to have left in a different vehicle and died after crashing that car into a building. No details were given concerning the blood alcohol level of the driver.

Stories like these show how complicated a DWI or DUI case can become. People in New York who face charges for any drunk driving incident may wish to seek legal help with their defense.

Source: CBS New York, “Family Of Man Killed In Drunk Driving Crash Says Suffolk County Cops Are To Blame,” December 17, 2014

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