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Tv Personality and Local Business Owner Pleads Guilty to DWAI

Over the course of the past year, speeding has received a plethora of attention as the leadership of New York City has embarked on a clear mission to eliminate pedestrian deaths by the year 2020 under a program known as Vision Zero. However, speeding is not the only traffic violation upon which law enforcement is focusing. Driving while intoxicated remains an offense that can result in severe penalties for those persons convicted and often receives even more attention during the holiday times.

Just last month, the famous baker referred to as the Cake Boss was cited for driving while ability impaired. The incident showed New Yorkers that nobody is truly safe from receiving a ticket for an impaired driving offense. The man, whose real name is Bartolo Valastro, was stopped at approximately one o’clock in the morning on Tenth Avenue. Reports indicate that the vehicle he was driving was observed to be moving in a swerving manner down the street which led police to stop him.

Valastro’s blood alcohol content was found to be at 0.09 percent. The legal limit which determines intoxication is 0.08 percent. The man has pled guilty to the offense which is not considered a felony. He will pay roughly $300, attend a course pertaining to drinking while driving and lose his driving privileges for three months.

Drivers in New York can find themselves arrested for impaired driving offenses more easily than many people may think. When this happens, it can be helpful to discuss the situation with an attorney.

Source: CBS New York, “CBS2 Exclusive: ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro Apologizes for Driving While Impaired,” December 1, 2014

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