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What Information Stays on a Driving Record for Life in New York?

Most people are aware that the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles maintains records for all drivers. This can include anything from the types of drivers’ licenses issues to information about serious violations such as drunk driving or another vehicular felony charge. According to the state DMV website, there are two types of driving records available, the first of which is referred to as the standard driving record and it will house all driving data including that pertaining to license suspensions or other convictions for a period of four years.

A lifetime driving record, on the other hand, will provide all data in existence for a particular driver’s record for life, with no expiration date. That means that a conviction for driving while intoxicated from 15 years ago will still appear on such a record today. This level of driving record is not available to anyone other than the individual driver without the express written consent of the driver. 

Some of the types of information that would be found in a lifetime driving record include the following:

All drivers’ license types and expiration dates, including commercial drivers’ licenses.

  • Any Scofflaw or Non-Scofflaw drivers’ license revocations or suspensions.
  • Any traffic violations charged and convicted of, what courts were involved and how many points were assessed as a result.
  • Details of any accidents including injuries or fatalities involved.

Biographical information about drivers is also part of these records as well as endorsements or restrictions on licenses, like the requirement to wear glasses or contact lenses while operating vehicles.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information regarding lifetime driving records in the state of New York.

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