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Can Tickets from Other States Hurt Drivers in New York?

Residents of New York understand all too well the serious consequences that can come from what may originally seem an otherwise minor traffic infraction. Even small violations can result in high fines and even loss of driving privileges depending upon the circumstances. Speeding has taken center stage recently in New York City but other situations are equally of risk to drivers. It is not only within the limits of the city or even the state that drivers must be aware as some citations in other parts of the United States or Canada can affect driving privileges in the state of New York as well.

As noted by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, any moving traffic violation such as a speeding ticket can lead to license suspensions if drivers do not appropriately respond in the given timeframes. This can happen for a citation in most other states with the exception of Wisconsin, Oregon, Alaska, California, Montana, and Michigan. The participating states also have reciprocal agreements with New York. Suspensions can only be lifted by the proper responses to the original violations.

When drivers do respond appropriately but are convicted of moving violations, there is no penalty in New York unless the violation occurred in either Ontario or Quebec. In these cases, the conviction goes on the New York driver’s record. Violations for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs in any other state as well as Quebec and Ontario can result in additional penalties in the state of New York. These penalties include license revocations. The length of time that a revocation lasts depends upon the age of the driver as well as whether or not the conviction was a first or subsequent offense.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information regarding New York’s laws about traffic violations in other states.

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