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Driver Initiates Lawsuit Against Manhattan for Traffic Camera Citation

New York traffic law can be complex at times. One of the rights offered to all drivers is the ability to lodge a traffic ticket defense if they feel that they have been wrongly accused of any violations. If this is not done, default convictions are achieved. These convictions can result in the levying of heavy fines as well as points on driving records. These consequences can negatively impact drivers for many years after the original ticket was issued.

A driver may choose to fight a traffic ticket no matter if it was given by a live police officer or if it was issued by a traffic camera. A Manhattan man intended to do just this for a camera ticket he received in 2013 but his attempt was unsuccessful and he claims that he was not allowed to provide evidence that should have been admissible. As a result, he has initiated a lawsuit against the city. The defendant is a Supreme Court judge in Manhattan.

The ticket was received in the mail in December of 2013 and alleges that the driver was operating his vehicle in a bus lane on First Avenue at E. 23rd in late October of the same year. However, the defendant asserts that the photo on the camera ticket shows him driving in the car lane. According to the lawsuit, the judge in the traffic court prevented the photograph from being used. It is not known if the driver is seeking damages in the suit.

A driver who has received a speeding ticket or other citation and who wishes to fight the ticket may consider talking to a traffic lawyer. Doing so can give valuable insight into how best to initiate a defense.

Source: New York Daily News, “Manhattan Supreme Court judge sues city over $115 traffic ticket,” Barbara Ross, July 3, 2014

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