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Parole Violator Charged with DUI in New York

Sometimes drivers in New York can be pulled over by law enforcement officers for one suspected violation but are eventually charged with even more offenses. DUI or DWAI charges are good examples of offenses for which drivers are not originally stopped but that can be made against drivers if an officer finds the reasonable cause after stopping them for other reasons first.

Such was the case for one man recently who was stopped by police one Friday evening after he hit a parked car on North Washington Avenue with the van he was driving at the time. According to news reports, the arresting officer believed that he could detect both marijuana and alcohol on the driver and driving while intoxicated was one of the offenses he was charged with. Several bags containing marijuana were found in the vehicle.

It was found that the man driving the van did not have auto insurance or a valid driver’s license. In addition, he was noted to be a fugitive in violation of his parole. He was put in jail with a $75,000 bail and currently faces multiple charges in addition to the drunk driving charge. The article detailing the event did not indicate what his blood alcohol level was at the time of the arrest.

A situation like this can seem bleak for defendants but every person has the legal right to a defense. Private defense counsel may be helpful for people facing multiple serious criminal charges and setting up at least a consultation can be wise.

Source:, “New York State fugitive arrested for unlicensed, uninsured DUI hit-and-run in Bergenfield,” Jerry DeMarco, March 3, 2014

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